Opening Up: How Do Brands Adapt Digital Experiences in COVID-19?

We share examples of how brands are adapting to deliver more convenient, personalized customer experiences in response to the COVID-19 situation.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the state of customer experience and accelerated digital transformation. Companies in every industry from food service to hospitality to media and entertainment are facing pressure to adjust their operations to meet customer expectations.

We wanted to highlight businesses who are forging a path forward by asking Acquians to share examples of brands that are adapting to deliver convenient and compassionate customer experiences. Here are some of the brands getting it right. 


“I've been really impressed with the way arts, cultural and media organisations have adapted to the COVID situation. For example, The National Theatre in the UK is broadcasting a live theatre production every Thursday evening. There has quickly been a proliferation of content aimed at a socially isolated audience. Time Out's tongue-in-cheek rebrand, ‘The Best Things to Do at Home,’ made me chuckle. They're pushing some great content on social media featuring virtual tours of museums and gardens, what to stream right now, etc. I'm impressed with how quickly they've adapted their content strategy and campaign planning.”

-Danielle Woolley, Digital Experience Consultant 

“I think the higher education industry and institutions like Harvard and Washington University are doing well to quickly adapt to digital learning. The Taiwan Government and Taiwan's Digital Minister, Audrey Tang, have also embraced fast digital information, including providing citizens with a real-time map of where to locate supplies and face masks using an API and Google Maps.”

-Yuri Fukuoka, Field Marketing Manager (Japan) 

“Orangetheory Fitness and other fitness brands that relied on in-person classes are now keeping that sense of community alive by streaming workout classes on platforms like Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live.”

-Jennifer Rabinovitz, Account Management Coordinator 

“Despite the downturn in the hospitality industry and closures, Centara Hotels and Resorts is still actively pushing toward digital experience enhancements to maintain engagement with customers and staying ahead of the curve.”

-Anders Kuah, Key Account Manager (APJ) 

“Car finder service, Carvana, is running new ads promoting touchless appointments and deliveries to help keep their buyers safe”

-Jenn Sramek, Director of Learning Services

“Fidelity launched quick, ad-hoc global resources and information centers related to COVID-19, including up-to-date information on critical initiatives like the CARES Act.”

-Anthony Colichio, Digital Strategist 

“A local thrift shop brand, Give and Take Resale quickly pivoted to online sales using Square. This move to digital actually provided a better experience, allowing people to more easily view their inventory when compared to the cluttered in-person store.”

-Michelle Hiltner, Programs Manager

“Media and entertainment brands have had to adapt to the reality that people in quarantine or self-isolation are not going to be able to leave their homes to find entertainment. What Disney did with making ‘Frozen 2’ available for streaming on Disney+ 3 months earlier than planned was genius. I'm sure existing subscribers were happy for content that will be a distraction for themselves or their kids for at least an hour, and it probably also helped drum up new subscribers.”

-Sylvie Tse, Senior Editorial Manager

“Luxury brands like Burberry are pivoting their production efforts to help with COVID-19 by making and delivering hospital gowns and face masks for healthcare workers.” 

-Soraya Raza, Marketing Manager (EMEA) 

“The best brands are those who are embracing tones of empathy and compassion in their marketing. Nationwide’s ‘Voices’ campaign encouraging people to send messages to their future selves and Marriot’s virtual tours helping people envision their ‘wanderlust futures’ are both great examples of this.”

-Tom Bianchi, Vice President, Marketing (EMEA)


Moving forward, we’ll see many more brands rapidly shift their approach to digital experience to best serve their customers. Learn more about how we’re helping businesses deliver personalized customer experiences, here

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