Acquia Culture in Action, March 2020

During times of uncertainty, Acquians believe in coming together to support each other and give back to the global community.


At Acquia, we take a unique approach to management. We believe that our managers are not simply the people our employees report to; they are coaches and mentors. Through learning and development programs and workshops, we provide our leaders with the skills they need to offer feedback and be a trusted advisor to their teams across the globe. For more on Acquia’s workplace culture and the creative ways our employees are empowering each other and giving back to the community, check out some of the highlights from this month.   

#Stronger Together Recognizing Talented Women in Tech

We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, by showcasing the wisdom of powerful women in the Drupal community on our blog as well as in a new video project.

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I also was invited by Built In Boston to offer advice on how women in tech inspire their teams to achieve success. Alongside women leaders from Boston companies like EzCater, DraftKings and Interactions, I shared tips for creating a people-first workplace. My advice? Create an environment of continuous feedback with your employees and don’t be afraid to be human. It’s common for many women managers to feel a sense of imposter syndrome when they start out, but confidence and trust come from transparency and making sure everyone feels heard. 

March also marked the first Women of Acquia virtual meetup. Planned by Acquia’s Mautic Community Manager, Ruth Cheesley, the meeting brought together over a dozen women across remote and global offices to discuss workplace challenges, celebrate recent victories and discuss opportunities to improve diversity and female visibility throughout the organization. We’re proud of all the work that’s being done to improve diversity and inclusion in the workspace. At Acquia, we’re proud to advocate for nonprofit organizations, such as Girls Who Code, who are leading the movement to encourage more opportunities for young women in STEM fields. 

#GiveBackMore: Remote Collaboration and Community Relief 

As a global organization, Acquia works hard to empower our geographically distributed workforce with all the accommodations they need to accomplish their goals anywhere in the world. In the midst of the urgent COVID-19 situation, we are prioritizing the health and safety of all of our employees. To ensure everyone can stay engaged and connected while working remotely, we hosted learning sessions covering the best practices for working on virtual teams.

We also started collecting tips from Acquians on how they stay comfortable and productive when working from home in our Life at Acquia guide. A few great pieces of advice offered by fellow Acquians: 

“Working from home doesn't mean that you work from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep. Manage your workday as you would if you were working in the office. It's important to set boundaries and limits to ensure a healthy balance.” 

“Get up and move! Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride in the middle of the day, especially when you're tackling a complex problem — it'll help you think more clearly.” 

In difficult circumstances, one of the greatest ways we can all remain optimistic and connected to each other is by giving back to those who need it most. Acquians are now part of an effort to donate funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 Response Fund through our partnership with Bonusly, an online recognition tool. Many Acquians are also participating in efforts to support their local small businesses and restaurants that have been impacted by the crisis through purchasing gift cards and giving monetary support. 

#Teamwork: Extraordinary Coaches

acquia  growth and development

Through all the recent change, we’ve maintained high levels of employee satisfaction through the strong relationships Acquians have with their managers and mentors. We just wrapped the first installment of our Extraordinary Coaches program this week. These career development learning sessions provide managers with classroom training and resources on how to deliver meaningful feedback that motivates teams to improve performance and gain new skills for career development. We continue to invest in learning and development that focuses on enriching the employee experience and helps Acquians stay engaged and passionate about the work they do.   

#CommittedToAwesome: UK Celebrations  

engage emea cake

Who needs a calendar when you’ve got a sheet cake? Our Reading, UK office kicked off registration for the upcoming Acquia Engage EMEA conference with a celebratory cake frosted with a photo of London’s famous Big Ben clock tower. We’re hoping this next Engage conference will be just as satisfying and memorable as we work to bring together the top minds in digital transformation and share our strategies for creating amazing customer experiences. Also across the pond, our Brighton colleagues officially moved into their brand new office. We’re excited to see them make this space their own and continue our journey all over the globe. 

During times like these, it’s more important than ever that we all stay connected and continue to support each other by staying true to our DNA and values. Our people are our top priority and we will continue to foster a culture of open and clear communication throughout the Acquia community. 

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