Beautiful Drupal Experiences in Life Sciences

Beauty and science aren't exclusive. See how these life sciences and healthcare organizations build beautiful Drupal experiences.


“Science” and “beauty” may seem like mutually exclusive terms. One is all about discovering hard facts and knowledge through observation. The other is about aesthetics and attractiveness, which are based on individual preferences. But science can be beautiful, and beauty can be measured scientifically. So, science and beauty do go together. To prove this, I’ll share my unscientific observations of three brands in the life sciences and healthcare space that have built beautiful Drupal experiences.

Johnson & Johnson


Many families (mine included) trust Johnson & Johnson products to deliver on its promise of keeping people well from infancy through every stage of life. J&J is the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, with products ranging from medical devices to consumer healthcare products to pharmaceuticals. J&J is known for its commitment to caring and citizenship, and the company’s website is welcoming and offers a wealth of content reflecting this theme. You can find everything from practical advice on fighting the flu and quizzes about hair care for children to stories about company programs to empower girls and women in STEM fields and profiles on prominent doctors, including “the father of robotic surgery.” Despite the variety of content available, it is all tied back to J&J’s mission of helping everyone, everywhere have better access to healthier minds, bodies and environments. 



Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


As the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has devoted more than 130 years to exceptional patient care, research and educational programs. In addition to providing treatment and care, physicians and scientists come together to conduct state-of-the-art science and cancer research. With all of these services, the Memorial Sloan Kettering website offers a ton of information to diverse audiences: adult patients, child or teen patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, researchers and more. To make it easier to navigate the site, the first thing a visitor sees on the homepage is a reassurance that Memorial Sloan Kettering is focused on their individual needs and concerns, in the form of a drop-down menu to identify who they are and why they’re on the site. 




From there, information is presented based on the answers provided. Facing cancer is often overwhelming and intimidating for patients, families and caregivers. Memorial Sloan Kettering works to take away some of the fears and worries by ensuring all the information needed is readily available, whether it be upcoming clinical trials, how to get financial aid or what to expect from your first appointment.

Otsuka America Pharmaceutical


Otsuka is a “total healthcare” company with two primary business areas: pharmaceuticals (products for the diagnosis and treatment of disease) and nutraceuticals (food and beverages for maintaining and improving health). However, it is clear right from the homepage that the company’s real focus is all on the people — those behind the products and those who are impacted by Otsuka products. The bright and colorful site draws visitors in to learn more about the Otsuka culture and innovative products while creating an uplifting feeling. When a company has such an optimistic tagline of “People creating new products for better health worldwide,” it makes sense that its website would also reflect that positive sentiment.



Science is an exciting, broad field touching every life, every day. It’s all about making discoveries, solving problems and gaining a better understanding of the world around us. For companies in this dynamic space, Drupal is an obvious choice for creating dynamic digital experiences that reflect their work.

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