Accenture Interactive Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

Learn how Accenture's technology engine powers omnichannel moments that matter.

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A moment that matters. That’s what your customer really cares about, right? Those memorable experiences that eclipse all the interactions leading to that one moment that truly matters, creating an impressionable brand connection that can fuel significant lifetime value.

Customer Expectations Are Rising Dramatically. 

Customers increasingly want to interact and transact 24/7 via frictionless, connected experiences spanning every possible channel. They expect organizations to immediately recognize them (while also respecting their privacy), anticipate and be responsive to their unique needs and engage them in more relevant and personalized ways. 

Consumers “liquid expectations” inevitably raises the bar for all. Their best experiences become their benchmark for every encounter. In other words, the standards set by leaders—whether Amazon or Uber—quickly become the norm across all industries. This presents both challenges and opportunities for brands to unify the moments and own the experience.  What a Customer Experience Engine (CXE) creates is the ability to enhance your overall experience across every touchpoint and see every interaction side-by-side. 




What customers are thinking and feeling 

What customers are saying 


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Executives facing increasingly demanding customers and threats from digital disruption must find new ways to leverage their existing assets and capabilities to gain competitive advantage. Empowering your more experienced employees with the technology and processes to learn faster and more effectively from customers can greatly increase your ability to innovate. And that is good business!  One-point CX improvement leads to significantly increased revenue (Forrester 2017).

The Case for Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

What makes Customer Experience Engine so powerful? It’s a single centralized technology architecture that unites the moments captured by your business applications 

Looking under the hood you find that CXE retains and unifies key information bringing together sales, service, marketing, commerce, and social. Through a microservices-based architecture that decouples an organization’s systems of engagement from a centrally managed system of record, enabling the flexibility to plug and play new capabilities as they are identified 

  • Integrates interactions across platforms 
  • Provides a single view of the customer 
  • Enables a connected customer experience 

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CXE is capable of augmenting any organization’s technical transformation with the following cases being the most common to receive immediate impact: A) Lacking a single view of the customer, B) One or two strategic software platforms (Adobe, SFDC, SAP, MSFT) in place but with a need to connect with complementary capabilities, or C) Disparate collection of applications that need to be integrated 

  • Full Transparency of the Customer Journey enables visibility into how the business is interacting with customers to drive connected experiences 
  • Frees Organization to Focus on Customer Centricity by solving technology impediment, organizations can focus on more difficult challenges; processes and organizational dynamics 
  • Accelerates Speed to Market using packaged low code microservices approach to integration and data architecture serves as a jumpstart for technology transformation, can see improvements of ~ 2 – 3 months acceleration in technical implementation 

The Drupal & Acquia-Based Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

Drupal’s modular architecture and maturity in decoupled systems lends itself well to the CXE and when combined with Acquia’s Lift personalization tool it becomes a powerful engine for customer engagement through curated experiences. Drupal’s core API layer plugs into our pre-built CXE microservice architecture to provide centralized content management to orchestrate content across channels unifying the customer experience. 

Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast. 

Customer experience tools are evolving quickly, offering commercial and government organizations unprecedented opportunities to reshape engagement. While the opportunities are vast, the first steps can be straightforward. Start with a holistic strategy and business case. Focus on areas that will deliver the greatest value and/or be the most expeditious to automate. Then use the momentum from those implementations to extend and expand quickly—transforming how the organization engages with customers and delivers mission outcomes. 

Pioneering CMOs are architecting their organizations into future powerhouses for sustained relevance and growth. Unify the moment. Own the experience. Take action now.

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