Acquia at Drupal GovCon 2019: A Partner for the Public Sector

Are you coming to GovCon 2019? Here's why Acquia is excited to sponsor Drupal GovCon once again.

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No matter their party, region or political affiliation, today’s citizens are in agreement about one major issue: the need for improved digital experiences with governments. Modern constituents expect the same caliber of seamless digital interactions and responses from the public sector that they receive from private sector leaders like Apple and Amazon. However, government agencies have their own unique concerns around privacy, budget constraints and transparency that pose challenges in the journey to digital transformation. 

Since 2015, the non-profit organization Drupal4Gov has hosted Drupal GovCon to provide a completely free educational opportunity catered to the needs of government users who want to better engage their constituents digitally. This year, Drupal GovCon is taking place from July 24-26, 2019 at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and Acquia is excited to announce our return as a top-tier sponsor! 

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Partners in an Open Source Democracy

Drupal now powers nearly 34% of all U.S. government websites. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the open source model is truly “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Open source software embodies the values of democracy and freedom that are essential to ensuring public trust and security. GovCon is where our team first connected with organizations like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and heard first-hand about their need for Drupal support to meet their stringent security requirements. Based on these conversations, Acquia has been able to provide ongoing solutions and tools customized for the needs of gov users and form thriving partnerships. This year we’re excited to continue to support attendees and offer updates on the latest happenings in the Drupal space. We invite everyone to stop by Booth #16 in the Natcher Hall Atrium where leaders from Acquia’s solutions, product support, marketing and sales teams will be answering questions throughout the conference. Drupal GovCon allows us to help build and strengthen relationships with some of the most ambitious and dedicated digital government leaders and scientific research institutions that are changing people’s lives every day. 

From presentations on web content management to new perspectives on delivering measurable real-life value, Drupal GovCon gives insight into the newest trends in government digital services and how they impact the lives of citizens around the world. One of our favorite parts of attending GovCon is that all speakers tell a story in their sessions. Presenters don’t just relay information; they build connections with the audience by sharing examples from their own lives as well as drawing parallels to other industries or well-known parts of pop culture. 

For example, Winter is Coming: How to Use Good Governance to Prevent your Organization from Becoming a Game of Thrones is a session (inspired by HBO’s hit show) to help project managers strike the right balance of governance and collaboration in their teams without losing their heads. Come join Acquia’s senior manager, professional services, Janessa Worrell and program manager Brianna McCullough on Wednesday, July 24 at 3:00 pm in Room F1/F2 to learn how best to utilize your team, process and technology to design a digital framework that supports the needs of your organization. (Dragons, optional.)  

Acquia Hosts GovCon Game Night 

Sure politics (especially in Westeros) may be a dangerous game, but our second annual Drupal GovCon Game Night is nothing but friendly competition! After spending your day learning about site building, modules and views, join us for deck building, meeples and victory points on Thursday, July 25 from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

All are welcome to come and play board games with us at the Residence Inn Bethesda Downtown. And since no game night is complete without a well-stocked snack table, we’ll be providing delicious treats and refreshments. Don’t miss out on an evening of socializing and strategizing! 

Partners in a Better Digital Government Experience 

Drupal and Acquia are committed to transforming the citizen experience at the local, state and national level. As the voice of the people, government agencies around the world are embracing new technologies to engage citizens and provide faster, more sophisticated access to information and services. We’re excited to participate in Drupal GovCon to continue serving those organizations that serve the people. 

If you’re attending Drupal GovCon this year, make sure to visit with the Acquia team at Booth 16. We look forward to meeting you!


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