7 Podcasts Digital Marketers Should Be Listening To

Our list of the top digital marketing podcasts for advice and marketing strategy.

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It’s official, podcasts have revitalized and personalized the “Golden Age” of radio. With minimal production costs (usually all you need is a laptop or smartphone) and free downloadable distribution, podcasts are readily accessible content with no technical expertise required to build something great. 

Podcasts are an excellent example of the growing importance of digital freedom and customized user experiences, and their prominence only continues to rise. Edison Research’s “The Podcast Consumer 2019 Report” found that 51% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month and 22% in the past week. 

With millions of hours of new podcast and video content being uploaded to the web every day, it can be overwhelming to know which ones will be most educational and useful for improving and optimizing your own marketing pursuits. At Acquia, we’re always striving to keep learning and refining our craft, so that we can offer marketers the best tools to serve their customers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top digital marketing podcasts to add to your playlist. 

1. Marketing Smarts

If you’re new to the marketing podcast space and looking for a show that provides a comprehensive look at today’s prominent channels, trends and brand storytelling efforts, an excellent place to start is “Marketing Smarts,” a weekly podcast created by respected marketing training center, MarketingProfs. The show delivers strategic insights on everything from the best techniques for LinkedIn Ads to ensuring data privacy under GDPR.

In a recent episode, the show brought on clarity consultant Steve Woodruff to instruct marketers on how to best define and communicate their brand purpose without burying it under a bunch of B2B marketing jargon

2. Ctrl+Click

Whether you’re a digital marketer, web designer or software developer, “Ctrl+Click” has an episode for you! Hosts and web design veterans Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantar deliver a unique mix of interviews with top business and developer leaders, as well as coding and design tips for anyone interested in running and managing their own websites. 

Their two-part episode about the best practices for upgrading or migrating to a new CMS is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make changes to their current setup.

3. Lullabot 

For more than 13 years, our trusted partner Lullabot has helped creators and developers all over the world build great sites with Drupal. The “Lullabot Podcast” was the first Drupal-focused podcast and became the introductory point for many new developers learning Drupal. Lullabot has released hundreds of episodes covering everything from content strategy, hacking news and all the latest open source updates. 

Lullabot shares insights from all parts of the Drupal community, and their episodes featuring conversations on the conference floor of DrupalCons all over the world are some of our favorites for their candid passion and enthusiasm. If you’re curious what the upcoming Drupal 9 means for your marketing teams, get the scoop in this Lullabot interview with open source expert and Acquia’s senior director of product and community development, Angela Byron aka webchick.

4. Inbound Success

Learn the tips and tricks for growing brand awareness, improving sales and nurturing customer relationships from marketing teams in the thick of the action as they share their success stories and explain how they build inbound programs that get business results. 

Looking for a place to start? We recommend Episode 35: Authentic Marketing, featuring Katie Stavely discussing people as a brand’s prime differentiator. As the former vice president of marketing at Mautic, the open source marketing platform acquired by Acquia in May 2019, Stavely shares how Mautic grew a committed community of brand loyalists by meeting user needs through its powerful open source marketing products. 

5. Talking Stack

Ever feel buried by the many, many martech options, tools and software out there today? Seasoned marketers David Raab and Anand Thaker make sense of the latest in martech news in their succinct, 20-minute updates on marketing tech trends and developments. 

Each discussion revolves around a “trend of the week,” such as this June 2019 episode that examined new tech partnerships and the prediction that “marketing automation is going to be the glue that holds all marketing together in the future.”

6. Seeking Wisdom 

Podcasting seems like a natural venture for the minds behind Drift, the leaders in real-time, “conversational marketing.” Launched in 2016, Drift’s “Seeking Wisdom” answers questions from marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Hosts David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt offer examples of how executives and marketing leaders can better listen to customers in order to understand their needs and serve as a partner throughout the buying process. 

Along with their marketing tips, the show frequently covers professional development and culture topics in their “#Growth” episodes which detail the steps to becoming a better marketing leader and growing a profitable business. The fifth #Growth episode, “The Most Remarkable Product Onboarding I've Ever Seen,” looks at how to make the product onboarding experience more effective and take new users from introduction to activation in record time.

7. Six Pixels of Separation

One of the first educational marketing podcasts on the scene, “Six Pixels of Separation,” by business visionary Mitch Jones, takes a global approach to how we think about brands, consumers, technology and business. Built on the philosophy that today’s internet is driving human connections like never before, the podcast is full of probing interviews and cultural conversations with everyone from award-winning tech journalists, Navy SEALS and global marketing heads at companies like Facebook and Google. 

For his infamous 666th episode, Mitch sat down with science and technology journalist Clive Thomson to learn about his newly published book, “Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World.” The result was a fascinating discussion on how computer programmers are shaping the digital landscape today and strategies for finding the right coders for your websites. 

Marketers are always finding new ways to build and deliver ambitious digital experiences. We love podcasts because they allow us unlimited access to interesting content that can be paused and played on the go. With so many valuable podcast resources out there, marketers can constantly enrich themselves with new strategies to serve their customers wherever they are.  

For more resources to help you become a smarter marketer, check out the advice in our e-book, “How to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy.” 


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