The Importance of Consistent Branding to Tell Your Story

This post discusses the importance of brand consistency to tell the story of your organization and convey its vision.


Think about the most successful brands you know, and what they have in common is the ability to effectively tell their story and deliver on it. For example, when I think of Nike, I associate it with iconic images of athletes; a particular aesthetic; and of course, great running shoes.

Like Nike, a brand’s identity is successfully developed through consistent, values-driven communications to all stakeholders, serving to establish trust and increase recognition, as well as creating a differentiator in comparison to market competitors.

In creating a brand’s identity, creative directors and marketing teams are tasked with ensuring effective marketing campaigns reach the consumers you are trying to engage. Yet, with many different roles contributing to the creation of brand assets, the right message can quickly be lost in the shuffle of competing decisions and changing priorities. From an initial idea to launch, content may undergo several phases of review review and revision before it is released to the world. Yet, to work within complex review processes in email can result in varying types of errors and/or incorrect versioning, and can create a lot of work for those managing it. One powerful attribute of a DAM is it allows for the creation of structured workflows combined with collaborative reviews to ensure a streamlined editorial process. While designers and writers will generally have a unified approach to your brand’s tone and persona, other teams may not have this level of insight to your brand’s logos, color and voice that fits with the message you are trying so effectively to promote.

Understand Your Audience

Every team wants to cultivate a loyal following that will stay with its brand for life. To do this, it is important your message reaches the right audience, or much will be lost in effort, time and resources. Once you define your brand’s persona and voice, evaluate  and research who your consumers are and what they are seeking, and tailor your campaigns accordingly. The importance of loyalty in consumer buying cannot be underscored more fully.

Authenticity Matters

The digital landscape is saturated, competitive and ever-changing, and it is critical now more than ever for brands to find ways to stand-out in the crowd. How you tell your brand’s story can make all the difference in showing your audience what your brand values and is trying to accomplish. According to Accenture’s Strategy Research report released in 2018, consumers are increasingly assessing and rewarding brands by their social purpose and level of community engagement, noting “Our research found that 51 percent of consumers in the UK are influenced to buy a brand, product or service by the words, actions, values and beliefs of a company’s leaders.”

Establish Creative Guidelines

The rule for creative guidelines is quite simple: it is a guideline, rather than a constraint on creativity. As you try to gain a competitive advantage in fast-changing markets, it is important your brand stays relevant, engaged and adaptable. Branding guidelines should then be flexible to generate ideas and evolve from a foundation that prizes consistency to reflect your brand’s character and values. While you may have a small marketing team or even outside creative agency establishing your brand’s guidelines, they should reflect the culture and purpose of your entire organization. This helps to ensure everyone has a voice and a level of familiarity to market your brand in a cohesive way. Having a DAM to document all the elements that go into your brand can help greatly to keep everyone in your organization “on brand” and establishing an organized, easy-to-navigate brand guide that is always up-to-date will take this effort even further. 

In Brief

Acquia DAM is one solution for helping your business tell your brand’s story. Acquia DAM’s Brand Guidelines helps teams create and edit a customizable set of guide principles describing your brand, making important elements such as fonts, logos and tone of voice accessible for everyone. And Acquia DAM’s Analytics provides data to analyze the details and measure the performance and usage of digital assets for accessible and meaningful KPI evaluations. 

Ultimately, we are here to help you create powerful digital experiences for your users, and we believe creating solutions such as Acquia DAM can bring a new level of innovation and imagination to this creative process. 


To learn further about all the great features of  Acquia DAM, you can read our e-book here.  Also, we love feedback: Please reach out to us on our social channels to share how it is helping your team tell your story!


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