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Integrating Marketo with, and the benefits of integrating your existing systems.

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Strategic relationships are key to any business, and how you engage current and future clients will have a crucial impact on expanding your brand ethos. At Acquia, we believe in the power of personalized, relevant content for B2B companies to reach customers and influencers in building your brand and ultimately propelling it into the top stratosphere of the market.

One of the ways our digital marketing team approaches this is through the integration of our personalization technology, Acquia Personalization, with a high-performing marketing automation system, which creates an even more powerful platform to design truly tailored, seamless experiences for every user across all touch points. While at Acquia we utilize a connector with Marketo, Pardot or an equivalent marketing automation system will work equally well as you plan to integrate components across channels.

Here’s how we did it.

The Setup Phase

As Acquia Personalization allows for configuring a connector to the Marketo marketing automation system, as our first steps, our team implemented the Marketo connector on our digital site,, to collect lead and activity data of users in Marketo and combine with our visitor profiles in Acquia Personalization. This data breaks out as follows:

  • Leads are visitors and their attributes, such as job title or date of birth and maps to Profiles in Acquia Personalization.

  • Activities are visitors’ actions on and off your website, such as receiving an email or downloading a whitepaper. They map to Events in Acquia Personalization.

This additional data provides deeper insights into visitors’ identities, preferences and behavior both on your website and through other channels such as email. You can use this data to create segments, and target visitors with personalized content. For example, you can create a segment that includes visitors who have clicked a link for a particular email marketing campaign, and then target those visitors with personalized web experiences.

We also use this data to build segments based on criteria such as whether a user opened an email for a particular campaign, or whether their score is above a certain threshold. These segments are then used to personalize content for visitors to The Marketo lead ID, email address, and Personalization tracking ID are synced in Acquia Personalization Profile Manager, and with this data, we are able to do the following:

  • Observe their stage in the buyer journey. A user that is in the evaluation stage is presented a different set of content than a current client who may be seeking to expand their product set or utilize the products to their full potential.

  • Track visitors that are generated from a specific campaign and display information on our website relating to this campaign that initially drew their interest to our website.

Creating Personalized Campaigns through Marketo

To illustrate an example from a recent targeted campaign, by connecting Marketo and Acquia Personalization, we were able to create a cohort of customers that uses only our Acquia Cloud Platform product. Based on this, we decided to create a campaign for these customers that use our Acquia Cloud Platform product to outline the benefits of additional products such as Acquia Personalization or Acquia DAM.

Marketo Segment and Lift

In doing so, our team set up a campaign in Marketo for nurturing this segment. We were able to achieve this because user-specific information is maintained in Marketo and synced to Acquia Personalization. As the screenshot reflects, they joined us almost one year ago as a customer!

We have also created campaigns through email and paid advertisement, and the customer was directed to our website through these touch points. Recently, we captured the customer’s attention and they visited our website 16 days ago.

When they reached our site, our data showed that their favorite resource is an e-book. To ensure we were providing the customer with the products they were seeking in their buyer-cycle journey through Personalization, we were able to organize a series of ebooks on products that may be of interest, such as Product 101 guides and the benefits of a certain Acquia product. These ebooks populated as related content, homepage content, and listings on related blog posts to best capture their attention.

In the next stage of the campaign, as the customers looked through our website, they filled out a form to read an ebook on Acquia Personalization. We were able to observe they spent some time reading the ebook but downloaded it from the site to read it at a later time.

Now we are to figure out they may be interested in using our Acquia Personalization product. If they are already a customer, an Acquia Representative contacted them to ask how their experience with the services and if they would like to learn more about any of our other products, such as Acquia Personalization. Because the user has already evaluated the product and read through our resources, they were already to continue in the buying journey to view a Demo of the product. Ultimately, this customer did purchase the product because we targeted them at the optimal point in their buyer cycle.


Acquia Personalization is a critical tool in our overall marketing strategy that helps our teams to  anticipate the needs of our customers, as well as those of future prospects, to ensure we are creating digital experiences around the most relevant content and products. Integrating Personalization with a marketing automation system such as Marketo leverages our ability to collect and accrue data across platforms so  we are able to personalize ad campaigns to market to segments based on their browsing preferences, nurturing prospects and ultimately converting leads into new customers. From a customer perspective, this truly is a service, saving time, effort and resources from having to search among thousands of choices for perhaps the one and only product they truly need for their business.

While the setup and integration of Acquia Personalization and Marketo does take some time, including the APIs as well as the connector, the insights you can extract from the data accrual in Personalization truly is a worthwhile investment, and just think how impressed your customers will be when they realize the effort you have undertaken to provide them exactly what they are looking for.

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