Breaking Down the Barriers to Learning Drupal

One of Acquia’s most important aims is to make learning available, accessible, and open to everyone.

Key to knowledge

One of Acquia’s most important aims is to make learning available, accessible and open to everyone. As part of Acquia Academy, we are delighted to announce Acquia’s entire collection of Drupal 8 educational videos and a selection of product videos are now made freely available to the public through our YouTube channel.

Acquia Academy, an educational source for Drupal and Acquia product training, was established to help customers, partners, employees and the community develop Drupal knowledge in and outside the classroom.

As Acquia’s YouTube channel has received more than 400% activity from the community than that of the Learning Management System (LMS), the Learning Services team will be leveraging YouTube to bring the Acquia Academy LMS experience to the public and focusing our efforts for more Drupalists to enjoy.

Our Learning Services team has uploaded hundreds of videos to date covering relevant courses on Acquia’s products and Drupal. Through beginning-level and advanced tutorials, users can learn about the basics of Drupal, gear up for complex projects and gain expert-level knowledge to obtain professional certifications.

The Power of Open Source

The decision to make Acquia’s online coursework free and accessible was propelled by a number of considerations. As the LMS that contained these educational videos has been a complex service for Acquia to maintain, the content was, in a sense, “underground,” in that it was behind a login wall and only users who knew about the system really were able to reap the benefits of it. Migrating this content to a YouTube channel will expand Acquia’s ability to educate the greater community by leveraging search visibility and best-of-breed accessibility features.

Brian Silver, curriculum manager and resident eLearning specialist, said, “It’s really important we allow the community to access these materials in the manner they want it. Since we can leverage the YouTube community for accessibility features and searchability, this is a huge win for the learning community and Acquia.”

Getting Started

Tap into Acquia Academy on YouTube, where courses are broken down into playlists such as the Drupal 8 Site Building Course, Lift Developer Kickstart, or Drupal 8 Layout and Theming Course. We also have great tutorials available such as Fast Track to Drupal 8 Coding and Node.js with Decoupled Drupal on Acquia Cloud Platform at For Acquia clients, we offer these in-depth learning sessions through coursework in our new LMS at

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