Control Every Version of Your Creative Assets with Acquia DAM

Our digital asset manager (Acquia DAM) can help marketing and web teams with version tracking for assets, logos and more.

Versioning with Acquia DAM

If you’ve worked in any marketing role, you’ve been there. The final version of the latest ebook or video just went live, and you spotted a rogue typo.

It should be easy to fix, right? Send an email to Dave on the web team, ask to update the file with the corrected version. Here, it’s even attached to your email.

But it’s never quite that simple. A month later, you revise what you thought was the latest version of the ebook with a new logo, and send it off to Dave to publish again. Suddenly, that typo is back, the correction lost in a rockslide of emails.

There’s a better way to track versions. You may be familiar with digital asset managers like Acquia DAM for organizing marketing assets while keeping their attribution and other metadata.

Acquia DAM excels at this manual organization, and can even leverage machine learning to suggest the best keywords to keep your assets organized.

Once your assets are organized, groups of users can be given specific access to only the subset of assets they should have access to, or you can even open up a brand portal as a gateway for public access to a carefully cultivated set of assets to use when presenting your products elsewhere.

But what about that beast of a typo, where the fix keeps getting lost?

Here’s where the Acquia DAM magic comes into play:

  • First, fix that typo.
  • Next, upload the fixed version through the easy-to-use Acquia DAM web interface. Acquia DAM will identify the asset and automatically replace the version stored in the DAM.
  • Finally, the new version will automatically be pushed into your websites, replacing everywhere the old version was present in a blink of an eye.
  • Need to update the logo? It’s the same process: edit, update, done.

Once an asset is added to your sites from Acquia DAM, it’s kept in sync indefinitely.

Acquia DAM is the perfect complement to your Acquia Cloud experience. Take advantage of turnkey integration and the Acquia difference you know to expect by getting your marketing team on Acquia DAM today.

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