How Wendy's Sells Fresh, Never-Frozen Hamburgers Online

Dries Buytaert gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Wendy's delivers personalized experiences to more than 30 million online customers.

Michael Mancuso, digital product owner at Wendy’s, speaks to Dries Buytaert at Acquia Engage 2018.

During the Innovation Showcase at Acquia Engage, I invited Mike Mancuso, head of digital analytics at Wendy's, on stage. is a Drupal site running on Acquia Cloud, and welcomes 30 million unique visitors a year. Wendy's also uses Acquia Lift to deliver personalized and intelligent experiences to all 30 million visitors.

In the eight-minute video below, Mike explains how Wendy's engages with its customers online.

 For the occasion, the team at Wendy's decided to target Acquia Engage attendees. If you visited from Acquia Engage, you got the following personalized banner. It's a nice example of what you can do with Acquia Lift.

How Wendy's sells fresh, never-frozen hamburgers online

As part of my keynote, we also demoed the next generation of Acquia Lift, which will be released in early 2019.

In 2018, we decided that user experience always has to come first. We doubled our design and user experience team and changed our product development process to reflect this priority.

The upcoming version of Acquia Lift is the first example of that. It offers more than just a fresh UI; it also ships with new features to simplify how marketers create campaigns. If you want a preview, have look at the nine-minute video below.

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