Now Available: Q3 Updates to the Acquia Experience Platform

Quarterly product updates for the Acquia Experience Platform center around simplicity, scalability and intelligence.

Acquia Experience Platform

At Acquia, our vision is to deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences.  

Each quarter we make investments to improve our platform to help our customers build, operate and optimize their digital experiences.

These product investments are guided by three key value propositions for our customers: 

  • Simplicity: Acquia strives to make it as simple as possible for developers to build, deploy and iterate their organization’s digital experiences to better serve their customers. We give developers the tools they need to streamline development and devops processes. We provide the ability to integrate with tools you already have, helping to lower development and maintenance costs over time. With Acquia, you aren’t locked into a full stack of proprietary technology – we give you the freedom to build what you want on your own terms.
  • Scalability: Acquia continues to focus on helping our customers scale. This means providing reliable site operations to IT teams and helping customers overcome manual efforts to realize a fully supported, compliant, secure deployment. Our platform runs some of the most ambitious digital applications like Warner Music Group and NBC Sports, and can scale over time to meet customers’ unique requirements.
  • Intelligence: Acquia enables marketers to realize better outcomes, using data that provides insight, and automation that makes intelligent decisions at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Our platform includes marketing solutions such as personalization, commerce management, and journey mapping capabilities that capitalize on our content management roots. Advanced data profiling helps marketers connect the dots and use the data they collect intelligently to drive actionable engagements with their audiences.

We’re excited to announce the following new product capabilities across the Acquia Experience Platform that are available today for our customers.  


Acquia Lightning

  • Upload videos to the Drupal Media Library: Acquia Lightning now supports local videos from Drupal’s file system so that you can upload a video from local file into the Drupal Media Library allowing you to host and serve video in your Drupal application or site.
  • Edit media using Quick Edit: We’ve added a usability improvement in Acquia Lightning that allows your editors to easily change or update media assets via the on-page Quick Edit tool.
Edit media using Quick Edit
  • Use “Lightning Layout” by default: To provide a more consistent UX for your page builders and eliminate the need to configure the page-content type, we’ve made the default “page content type” in Acquia Lightning use Lightning Layout, our page building tool.
  • Out-of-the-box support for media, maps & slideshows: Acquia Lightning provides out-of- the-box page building components for media (images, video), maps and slideshows on a Drupal site offering greater usability for your page or site builders.
Out-of-the-box support for media, maps & slideshows
  • Create one-off layouts for content: Acquia Lightning now supports “one-off” page layouts for more flexible site building, making it easier for your site builders to create custom pages with unique layouts, such as a landing page or article page.

Acquia Commerce Manager

  • Make mapping back-end to front-end easier: We’ve released an API endpoint for Acquia Commerce Manager to help make the mapping of the backend eCommerce stores to Drupal faster so that commerce experiences can be managed in Drupal allowing for greater efficiency and reduced development efforts.


Acquia Journey Hub UI update

Acquia Cloud

  • Edge workers: We’ve added a new feature to our Acquia Cloud Edge CDN that allows for customization of your CDN at the edge of the network for improved security and performance.  Custom security rules and filtering logic at the edge helps detect malicious bots and prevents them from consuming resources while improving cache hit rate and reduce bandwidth costs.

Acquia DAM

  • Drupal and distribution compatibility: Acquia DAM now supports the newest version of Drupal 8.6, ensuring Acquia DAM works with the latest release of Drupal and distributions.


Acquia Journey

  • Acquia Journey Hub UI update: We’ve made some improvements to parts of the Acquia Journey user interface (UI), including a new header navigation and design for certain pages. These UI updates make the work space more intuitive and easier for your users to navigate and manage projects at scale.  
Consolidating Profile Manager reports

Acquia Lift

  • Automatic bot traffic removal: For you to make the most actionable decisions, reporting confidence is critical. We’ve added a new capability in Acquia Lift to filter out bot traffic to improve data accuracy and increase reporting confidence for our existing customers.
  • Improved geolocation accuracy: Geolocation is one of the most common use cases for personalization. We’ve increased the accuracy of our service, notably in EMEA and APJ, to better support our growing global customer base.
  • Consolidating Profile Manager reports: Acquia Lift provides a variety of pre-built reports for our customers’ use cases in Acquia Lift Profile Manager. To ensure we’re providing the most meaningful reports, we’ve consolidated the number of reports to focus on the most important, relevant and highly used scenarios for our customers.

We are committed to making investments in our platform to provide long-term value for our customers.

To stay updated on new product capabilities, register for our next Acquia Platform Update webinar.

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