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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Peter Wolanin
Drupal Security Team Mail Duty.

Every week one member of the Drupal Security Team handles email and other incoming reports, validates whether it's an issue the team needs to handle, and makes sure the relevant maintainers are informed. This week it's my turn.

Angela Byron
Funding for Drupal.org distribution tools.

Acquia teamed up with four other Drupal companies—Phase2 Technology, NodeOne, Pantheon, and Lullabot—to fund major improvements to the Drupal.org infrastructure for distributions. Find out more at Distribution packaging now fully supported on Drupal.org.

Statistics for Drupal 8.

The statistics module in Drupal core is overdue much love. Head over to the issue queue to take a look at current work. Including trying to get statistics to work better with reverse proxy caching such as Varnish by updating data via AJAX.

Drupal 8 configuration system.

Posted a patch that fills in all the missing API documentation for the Drupal 8 configuration system.

Bakery issue cleanup.

Went through Bakery issue queue responding to issues, making and testing patches.

A core patch for improving the Image module.

I've submitted a patch, which was completely re-written by sun (and I admit his is far better than mine!). Reviewed, tested and re-rolled the patch after making a couple of minor amendments.

Drupal.org Case Studies .

The Drupal.org Case Studies project is part of the Drupal.org content Community Initiative. We made significant progress in the weeks leading up to DrupalCon Denver, and led an a sprint on Friday after DrupalCon. The project is ongoing, but several case studies have been migrated. New case studies that highlight an excellent implementation of Drupal, or produced significant community contributions are wanted!

Drupal Forums Distribution.

If you're looking to set up a community forum site, you can use the Drupal Forum Distribution. It comes with all the advanced features for a community bulletin-board in one easy package.

Jakub Suchy
Updated the Czech community site.

Spent time on updating the Drupal.cz (local Czech Community) to the latest Pressflow, made updates of all modules and migrated the site to a new platform (Acquia Cloud, sponsored under the free community hosting programme). Wrote a post on how to make changes on the community site through Github and how to deploy them on the new platform - now any community member can contribute to the site.

Drupal-to-Drupal migration.

Recent work done to migrate Acquia customers from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has been generalized to form the core of the migrate_d2d module, a framework to support migrations from any Drupal version to Drupal 7 for now, and to serve as a proof-of-concept for using a migration approach for major core Drupal upgrades in the future.