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Drupal Give: Recent Activity

Peter Wolanin
NYC Camp - Apache Solr presentation.

Spent close to a full day prepping slides for an upcoming presentation at NYC Camp on July 21, 2012 http://nyccamp.org/sessions/drupal-and-apache-solr-search-go-together-pi...

Katherine Bailey
Bundles patch for D8 WSCCI initiative.

Did more work on the bundles patch for the WSCCI initiative, in particular dealing with path resolution and language negotiation, so as to get the outstanding language-related tests passing. Fixed many tests, broke others - still more work to do!

Peter Wolanin
July Central NJ Drupal Meetup.

Helped organized the monthly Drupal meeting and presented at the last minute on continuous integration with the help of slides from Barry Jaspan.

Peter Wolanin
Add drush commands to get, set, del environment variables for Apache Solr Search Integration.

Added several new drush commands to facilitate management of different search environments from the command line

Katherine Bailey
Bundles patch for D8 WSCCI initiative.

Worked on the D8 core patch for allowing modules to register services and event subscribers to the dependency injection container.

Gábor Hojtsy
Organized Drupal 8 Multilingual Sprint.

Just got back from Barcelona from a very intense week long sprint. With 10-20 people sprinting from 9:30am to about 9:30pm each day, we achieved a lot.

Comment Notify 7.x-1.1.

Created a new release of the Comment Notify module for Drupal 7 that contains several bugfixes. I reviewed other's work and did some coding myself to pull this release together. Also got simpletests working again so the module will be more stable in the future.

WordPress Migrate released.

At long last, the first official release of WordPress Migrate has been, well, released. See my blog post for details.

Martin Hrabovcin
Update to Services Client module..

I've updated code for Services Client introducing new submodule Services Client Connection. http://drupal.org/project/services_client I've also added some documentation (http://drupal.org/node/1569362) explaining how to use new code.

Mariano Asselborn
Converted Page Load Progress to full project.

Last gardening day was enough time to cleanup queued issues for the Page Load Progress sandbox project. As a result to this the module was flagged as reviewed by the community and became a full project on Drupal.org http://drupal.org/project/page_load_progress