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Support Definitions

Technical Support - Technical Support entitles customers to engage Acquia Support Engineers in the diagnosis and repair of site functionality problems during the assembly or operation of a Drupal web site.

Advisory Support - Advisory support consists of discussions on best practices for generic topics including security, migration, performance tuning, module development, and architecture and is limited to existing knowledge that can be transferred during a live conversation or via email. The difference between Advisory Support and Professional Services is Advisory Support does not result in any deliverables.

Service Level Agreement - The service level agreement for a subscription defines when and how quickly the Acquia Support team will respond to support issues submitted by technical contacts on an account. Key factors in determining a service level for a particular subscription include - initial response time, hours of coverage, urgency level, number of contacts, communication channels, and hours of advisory support.

Response Time - Response time determines how quickly a customer can expect an initial response from the Acquia Support team on a submitted web ticket. Upon receipt of a ticket during business hours, the Acquia Support team will respond to that ticket within the response time period defined for their subscription level, defined by Acquia's business hours of operation in the customer's support region. Enterprise subscribers entitled to 24x7 emergency response coverage will receive a response to Critical Urgency issues within SLA regardless of submission time.

Urgency - The “urgency” of a support ticket distinguishes the impact of an issue relative to the customer's business operations. For purposes of prioritization and response time, the Acquia Support team has defined four urgency levels for support issues - Critical, High, Medium, Low.

Subscriber - An individual or organization who has purchased an Acquia Network subscription and can access the Acquia Network to use the services available to them.

Subscription - An Acquia Network subscription is a 12-month renewable contract between Acquia and customers that entitles a customer to access technical support, software and remote network services via the Acquia Network.

Primary Contact - The primary contact on a subscription is the person who initially created the subscription and is the owner. This contact can add technical and billing contacts to a subscription, up to the maximum per subscription level.

Technical Contact - A technical contact is a person listed on a subscription who can submit support tickets, receive Acquia Network messages and be assigned a task. Each subscription includes a designated number of technical contacts. Additional contacts can be added to a subscription.

Business Contact - A business contact is a person listed on a subscription responsible for payment and renewals for that subscription. The business contact does not receive technical or support-related messages, but will receive notifications regarding billing and renewals.

Support Forum - The Support forums are moderated public support discussions between customers with input from Acquia technical resources. Content in the support forums is public and available read-only to any visitor to acquia.com. Only authenticated Acquia Network subscribers may post new topics or respond to ongoing topics in the forums.

Support Region - Support regions are defined as geographical areas serviced by an Acquia Support office with business hours of general convenience to the area. Subscriptions are associated with a Support Region which determine the Support Hours and relative Response Times for issues submitted against that subscription.

Support Hours - The support hours listed for each subscription level are specific to the customer's support region and determine when a customer can expect an initial response from Acquia Support team on a submitted web ticket.

Scheduled Downtime (Scheduled Maintenance) - A planned period of time when the Acquia Network may be unavailable due to maintenance activities. Customers are generally notified of Scheduled Maintenance periods if they are anticipated to be of any significant duration.

Observed Holiday - A day or period of time when Support is closed for normal business within a Support Region.

Supported Platforms - See table. Supported Platforms