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Repairs and Bug Fixes

Acquia will make best efforts to repair bugs in Drupal core and contributed modules when the bug is determined to be the root cause of a customer reported issue. Acquia will also make best efforts to help customers repair custom modules, other custom code, and custom theming. Acquia will not attempt fixes on other third-party applications or utilities.

Acquia may fix a bug and supply the customer with the fix, or we may advise the customer on implementing the fix themselves depending on the customer's urgency, capability and situation.

Module bug fixes are submitted to the relevant module maintainer and it remains the maintainer's indpendent decision to commit the fix for general availability or not. If the maintainer decides Acquia's fix is not aligned with present or future direction of the module, and if the fix is not committed, then it becomes the customer's responsibility to maintain the fix through subsequent upgrades as if the module were a custom module.

Acquia may determine certain repairs are beyond the scope of subscription support and may decline to commit the resources necessary to perform a repair. Specific resolutions or resolution times are not guaranteed.

Acquia may require using a different version of a module if it is determined that the problem is fixed in an alternate version. Acquia may recommend workarounds or permanent solutions using alternate modules or methods for achieving the customer's desired outcome.