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Issue Urgency Definitions

“Urgency” distinguishes the impact of an issue relative to the customer's business operations.

Urgency Definition
Critical Customer's production system is down; or customer’s business operations or productivity are severely impacted with no available workaround; or there is a critical security issue.
High Customer's production system is operating but issue is causing significant disruption of customer's business operations; workaround is unavailable or inadequate; or there is a security issue.
Medium Customer’s system is operating and issue’s impact on the customer’s business operations is moderate to low; a workaround or alternative is available.
Low Issue is a minor inconvenience and does not impact business operations in any significant way; issues with little or no time sensitivity.


Higher urgency issues are prioritized over lower urgency issues for any given customer and across all issues handled by Acquia Support. Elite and Enterprise subscribers' receive priority on Urgent and Critical issues as an entitlement to those subscriptions.