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Diagnosis and Repair Support

Diagnosis and repair support entitles customers to engage Acquia Support Engineers in the diagnosis and repair of Drupal functionality issues during the assembly or operation of a Drupal web site. Diagnosis and repair support includes resolving issues with any core, contributed or custom module; with installation, configuration and usage tasks; with modules or themes not interacting as expected; and with the site not operating as expected within it's environment. Diagnosis and repair may not be possible with certain integrations or custom modules.

Acquia may require a module or component to be upgraded to a later or more stable release before continuing with the diagnosis or repair of an issue. Acquia may require the substitution of a module or modules for similar suitable module(s) to resolve an issue. Substitutions may be recommended by Acquia but are made at the sole discretion of the customer. Customer customizations to Drupal core files may limit Acquia's ability to resolve issues. Acquia may recommend or require such modifications be removed in favor of alternate solutions using standard core and contributed modules, or by using other standard, published core patches.

Note that Acquia's ability to diagnose and repair an issue may be limited by hosting provider practices or policies. Acquia will make reasonable commercial efforts to work with customers' hosting providers to resolve Drupal environment or functionality issues. Acquia is not the hosting provider’s customer and there may be limitations in a hosting capabilities or policies that only the customer can pursue if changes are needed. Final authority and responsibility related to the operating environment falls to the customer.

Acquia may request visible or direct system access to diagnose and resolve issues. Granting such access is at the sole discretion of the customer. Acquia may also request that code be sent to Acquia to facilitate diagnosis and repair of issues. Sending code to Acquia is done at the sole discretion of the customer. Customer code will be treated as proprietary customer information and Acquia will not use or distribute customer code without expressed written permission.