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Drupal for Business - New York, NY

The Drupal Business Summit brings together business leaders and technology strategists to learn about Drupal-powered solutions. You'll see examples of Drupal-in-action, lessons learned, and hear about best practices. You’ll discover how smart investments in the leading open source content platform returns immediate business benefits and also continues to pay dividends for years to come.

Below are sessions from past Business Summits, but be sure to check out upcoming Drupal Business Summits in your area: Upcoming Drupal Business Summits.

Michael Meyers Presents Examiner.com's Migration to Drupal 7

With over 42,000 content contributors, Examiner.com has enjoyed some of the fastest year-over-year growth of any online media company. Examiner.com has demonstrated a long-term strategic vision to leverage social media for improving online news distribution models. This commitment has directly led to the large-scale migration of the entire Examiner.com site to Open Source Drupal.

This case study highlights how Examiner.com's migration to Drupal 7 has effectively improved their search engine and page load performance, community interaction and user engagement, and the elimination of all costs associated with server licensing fees.

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Using Drupal to Open Up the New York State Senate

Mr. Hoppin was appointed as the first ever Chief Information Officer for the New York State Senate in February 2009 with a mission to dramatically improve government transparency, citizen participation, and operational efficiency for the Senate through technology. The CIO’s Office works in three main realms: opening up the Senate’s legislative and administrative data for public access (for transparency), overhauling the Senate’s internal communications and collaboration infrastructure (for efficiency), and launching new Web 2.0 / social media technologies for the Senate (public participation). The new NYSenate.gov website, launched in May, has been heralded as a leading example of the use of “Web 2.0″ technologies by a legislature, inviting citizens to become creators of content on the site as well as consumers of content, and including interactive websites for every Senator and every Committee of the Senate. Mr. Hoppin was also elected by his peers to serve on the New York State CIO Leadership Council, and selected by GovTech as the 2010 New York State Public Sector CIO of the Year.

When Your Site Can't be a Joke

In this presentation, Martin discusses the reasons that VML has widely adopted Drupal as their open source platform of choice when building websites. Drupal offers creative and development teams unparalleled flexibility to achieve their creative vision, while providing an architecture that scales to meet his clients' needs. Martin showcases a number of sites built in Drupal, including the multi-lingual Cartoon Network sites across Europe, Constellation Energy, LG and more. Drupal gives the VML team a powerful engine to innovate on the front and back-end of a website, making it an agency friendly marketing platform for his clients

Acquia Solutions: A Roadmap to Enterprise Success with Drupal

Implementing and maintaining Drupal websites has never been easier. Acquia offers expertise and managed services that enable companies and organizations to take advantage of the power of Drupal while meeting both your business and technical requirements. This session will articulate how Acquia can assist site owners at every stage in their web development projects - from training and prototyping through to deployment and operation of a Drupal website.

NYSE Euronext goes Drupal

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