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Drupal Commons version 1.3 release notes

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Drupal Commons 1.3, 2011-02-04
- Excluded module updates:
* User terms
- Commons 1.0 contained a large patch which introduced free-tagging to
user terms. Until we re-evaluate exactly what functionality we want
for user tagging, we will continue to use the version that we started
- Commons Dashboard [new feature] requires PHP 5.2.x (or higher)
* This is because of the Homebox module, which uses functions introduced
in PHP 5.2.
* If you do not have PHP 5.2.x (or higher) installed, this feature will
not be enabled during a site upgrade, and will not be available during
site installation. If you upgrade to an adequate version of PHP at a
later time, you can enable this feature via the Features admin interface.
1. Backup your code and database
2. Turn on maintenance mode (admin/settings/site-maintenance)
3. Replace your codebase (excluding the sites directory) with the contents of this archive.
- It is important that you do not *merge* the new codebase, as a number of modules were
remove or relocated!
4. Update your site via /update.php (run this twice to be safe)
5. Ignore any errors about missing included/required files
- Those are caused by some modules changing location
- Ignore SQL errors from Context and/or Rules
6. View the status of the features (admin/build/features)
7. If any features are overridden, view the components of the feature that are overridden
- It's recommended that you revert all the overridden components, but be aware that
this will revert any custom changes you've made to those components
8. Review the available Contexts (admin/build/context)
- Delete or disable context_ui-dashboard-dashboard, as it's no longer used by Commons
but may still be saved in your database
9. Review the available Pages (admin/build/pages)
- Delete or disable page-Home, as it's no longer used by Commons but may
still be saved in your database
- Being that Commons 1.2 now comes with a new home page, you may want to review
it and make any changes you deem necessary
10. Review your input format and filters. WYSIWYG Filter has been set to be used
in place of HTML Filter (for the Filtered HTML format)
11. Review the user permissions and roles
12. Clear the cache (admin/settings/performance)
13. Ensure the rest of your site is functioning as expected
14. Check the status report for any errors. Address them, if needed.
- Updated: Context
- Updated: CCK
- Updated: Context OG
- Updated: Heartbeat
- Updated: Quant
- Updated: Admin menu
- Updated: Acquia Commons (Theme)
- Updated: CKEditor (Library)
- Updated: Devel
- Updated: Diff
- Updated: getId3
- Updated: Insert
- Updated: Token
- Updated: Pathauto
- Updated: FileField
- Updated: ImageField
- Updated: Insert
- Updated: Calendar
- Updated: Acquia search
- Updated: Acquia connector
- Updated: ImageAPI
- Updated: Tagging
- Updated: jQuery UI
- Updated: Date
- Updated: Rules
- Updated: Chart
- Updated: Skinr
- Updated: User points picture
- Updated: User relationships
- Updated: Messaging
- Updated: Notifications
- Updated: Shoutbox
- Updated: Wysiwyg
- Updated: Tagedelic views
- Updated: User relationships
- Updated: Userpoints (Security release)
- Updated: Userpoints user picture
- Moved: User relationship rules (now included in User relationships)
- Added: Commons SEO (Feature) [Extracted pathauto components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Admin (Feature) [Extracted admin UI and admin menu modules from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Home (Feature) [Extracted home page components from Commons Core]
- Redesigned: Home page panel
- Added: Commons Dashboard (Feature) [Extracted dashboard components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Wiki (Feature) [Extracted wiki components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Blog (Feature) [Extracted blog components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Document (Feature) [Extracted document components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Discussion (Feature) [Extracted discussion components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Event (Feature) [Extracted event/calendar components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Poll (Feature) [Extracted poll components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Group Aggregator (Feature) [Extracted og_rss components from Commons Core]
- Added: Commons Reputation (Feature) [Extracted userpoint components from Commons Core]
- Added: User badges
- Added: User points contrib
- Added: Homebox
- Fixed: Added custom drop-down menus to Features to fix menu deletion bug
- Fixed: Group node aliases from groups/%title to group/%title
- Fixed: Use theme_image for displaying Commons images in commons.module and drupal_commons.profile
- Removed: Better formats (included, but not installed, updating to 1.2 will disable the module)
- Fixed: Userpoints node delete operation label (http://drupal.org/node/875140)
- Added: 'My groups' to the 'My stuff' menu
- Removed: Dependence of PHP input filter inside various views
- Fixed: Create content links in Views (Added access check)
- Added: Form to determine which features are enabled during installation
- Added: Batch process of post-installation tasks (to avoid PHP timeout)
- Fixed: Lowered install profile module dependencies (to avoid PHP timeout)
- Moved: Permissions to respective sub-features
- Added: Teaser break button to default WYSIWYG settings
- Added: Context to control Acquia Search/Solr facet blocks
- Added: WYSIWYG Filter (Set to Filtered HTML in place of the default HTML filter)
- Fixed: Added filters in group lists to exclude private and non-directory-listed groups
- Replaced: 'My unread' section with 'My content' section, containing bulk operations to mark
content as un/read
- Fixed: Malformed links on group calendar week regions
- Added: RSS feeds for global content views (check permission 'view content rss feeds')
- Added: RSS feed for group content (check permission 'view group content rss feeds')
- Fixed: Translation issues
- Added: Manager tab on group members directory
- Changed: Group details block to altered Group actions block
- Removed: Group admins block from group sidebar
- Added: Commons release (version controller and update checker for the distribution)
- Fixed: Calendar off by one day bug
- Added: 'Site admin' user role
- Moved: All roles and permissions to features
- Fixed: Commons Core feature always overridden issue (Heartbeat.module)
- Added: Default taxonomy integration with Acquia Search
- Added: Default permission to view heartbeat messages for anonymous users
- Added: 'Join now' image button on the group directory
- Fixed: Removed node type restrictions from recent group content exposed filter
- Fixed: Dynamically remove non-group-post node types from exposed node type filters
in group content views
- Fixed: Display post information not following theme settings (#1031338)
- Added: Pathauto pattern for page nodes
- Updated: Shoutbox post template override for new version of shoutbox
- Fixed: Comment theme to allow for full-width without text overlap
- Added: Access check for user profiles before linking user pictures to profiles
on comments and node submission information
- Added: Default permission for anonymous viewing of shouts
- Fixed: Panel WSOD caused by missing panels style version in theme info
- Fixed: Patched user badges for (#964546)
- Fixed: Theme template PHP notices
- Fixed: User badges undefined constant error (#986822)
- Fixed: PHP errors from user role detection for node add links
- Added: Support for group notifications in commons_notifications
- Fixed: Various og_notifications bugs (#835030)
- Moved: Group options on node form inside vertical tab fieldset
- Fixed: Patched Context to display theme regions on core block page (#916194)
- Fixed: (Repatched) OG aggregator to hide block if no items are avaiable (#768958)
- Fixed: Theme setting handling of node and comment user pictures
- Fixed: Site footer message themeing
- Added: Simple links in the group action block to (un)subscribe to group notifications
- Fixed: Missing form widget labels on grouptype subscription add form
- Added: Ability to specify forced-login during site installation