Panasonic: Abdeckung verschiedener geschäftlicher Anforderungen mit einer Drupal-Plattform

Dave Sawyer, lead optimization strategist, FFW

What do you do when you have more than a dozen seemingly unique business units each spinning up their own microsites using different and disparate technologies to meet their business models and customer segments?

Panasonic worked with FFW and Acquia to adopt a Drupal 8 and an API-first approach so its teams could respond more rapidly to business needs without having to resort to “quick-and-dirty” solutions.

Rohit Yerneni, lead digital strategy, architecture & development, Panasonic Corp. of North America

This webinar will discuss some of the business challenges Panasonic North America faced with its previous platforms, and share how switching to Drupal 8 was a key to streamlining its digital efforts. This webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • What an API-first approach is and how it differs from traditional digital development approaches.
  • How an API-first approach can help organizations better achieve their digital goals.
  • How Drupal 8 creates more scalable platforms and solves governance problems.
  • How Drupal 8 consolidates various technologies to help organizations increase their digital impact.

The webinar will include real examples from Panasonic’s experiences, and will share the ways Drupal 8 served as its digital onramp and helped transform its digital presence.

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Peter Brown

Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Computing Acquia