Customer Journey Orchestration: The Secret to Effective Omnichannel Experiences

Director of Product Marketing, Acquia
David Aponovich - Senior Director of Digital Experience Product Marketing, Acquia

Digital marketing is everywhere - web, mobile, storefronts, airports, banks, elevators and beyond! Customers expect digital experiences tailored to their interests and needs, not generic ones. The only way to stay competitive is by giving customers the most amazing and personalised experiences, and becoming a customer-centric marketing organisation.

If your organisation is ready to capture your audience with modern and engaging experiences, you need amazing content that tells your story and the value of your products throughout the customer journey. It’s a new day.

Join us to learn about:

  • The challenge - recognising that your customers need to be at the centre of every marketing decision you make
  • The opportunity - understanding your business’ potential to transform your digital customer experiences
  • The future - the prescription for a platform approach to digital experience personalisation