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B2One or not 2B

Wie Sie mit Acquia Lift die digitale Experience optimieren und Kunden über alle Kanäle hinweg personalisiert ansprechen.
Kunden zu akquirieren und ans Unternehmen zu binden ist heutzutage schwieriger denn je. Konsumenten erwarten eine personalisierte Ansprache und passende Angebote über alle Kanäle und Touchpoints hinweg - passend zum jeweiligen Kontext.

The Acquia Lift Unified Customer Profile

Connected, unified customer data is what makes the digital customer experience smarter. It’s what makes it personal and differentiates between an unknown “tire kicker” and a life-long, loyal customer. So how can you cut through the massive amount of customer information to provide that personalized experience when and where the customer needs it?
The answer lies in the unified customer profile. Acquia Lift contains one of the most powerful tools in the market with regard to generating a robust unified customer profile.

Hope Alone is Not a Security Strategy: Mitigating DDoS Attacks with Acquia Cloud Edge

For any organization with an online presence in today’s digital world, web security is paramount. The number of security threats targeting sites can be staggering, but with the right systems and processes in place, those threats can be mitigated. Relying on hope alone that you won’t be the next headline victim is not a sustainable approach. Organizations must proactively plan how they will mitigate security threats for the highest probability of success.

Delivering Managed Digital Experiences with Acquia Cloud Site Factory®

It’s no secret that delivering exceptional digital experiences at scale can be challenging and chaotic.
As brands grow, products evolve, and new services and technologies become available, a company’s digital presence must scale along with them. Teams across the organization must agree on branding,messaging, workflow, and vision. Without that agreement comes the inevitable chaos of managing many sites.

Digital Personalization: Taking an Agile Approach

Personalization is not a piece of software, nor is it a feature of one. Successful personalization is a result of people, process and technology, and in that order. Both the people who are building personalized experiences and the people who they are being built for must be at the center of any personalization initiative. In fact, you can think of personalization simply as a relationship and conversations between individuals, as that’s really all it is. However, it’s a series of relationships built at a large scale, and doing things at scale requires both processes and technology.

How To Build an Effective Digital Content Marketing Strategy

“Content” is all the rage in digital marketing, and it has been ever since brands realized their first websites gave them the power and means of production to publish their own messages and information without depending on the press or advertising to distribute it. Looking at content as a marketing communications tactic, without a unifying strategy to build and deliver it as demand for it grows, is a recipe for missed opportunities, mixed messages, high costs and big risks to the brand.

Die Chance eines ganzheitlichen Kundenprofils

Die Customer Journey verstehen und die tatsächlichen Bedürfnisse der Kunden erkennen
Kunden zu akquirieren und ans Unternehmen zu binden ist heutzutage schwieriger denn je. Konsumenten erwarten eine personalisierte Ansprache und passende Angebote über alle Kanäle und Touchpoints hinweg - und passend zu ihrem jeweiligen Kontext. Dies erfordert eine intelligente Nutzung von Daten. 

Open Marketing sichert die Zukunft Ihres Business

Kundenzentrierte Unternehmen benötigten eine flexible Open-Marketing-Plattform
Alle Unternehmen beschäftigen sich heute mit einer wichtigen strategischen Frage: in welchem Umfang müssen sie sich aufgrund der Vielzahl von digitalen Innovationen anpassen oder können sie sogar mit neuen Geschäftsmodellen der Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus sein. Während digitale Start-ups die Wirtschaft mit ihren Innovationen vorantreiben, bleibt die Frage, wie die restlichen Unternehmen mit den Herausforderungen umgehen.

How to Prepare for the Future of Content and Site Management

We are on the cusp of the API first revolution, the evolution of enterprise-level digital experience. You can no longer think of your website as a set of pages; it’s less about the page and more about the unique, personalized content you’re providing, the structure of that content, and the intuitive experience you’re giving to your customers. If you are to succeed you need to break out of the website experience.

Ultimative Anleitung für Drupal 8

Ganz egal ob Sie Backend- oder Frontend-Entwickler oder einfach nur Drupal Anwender sind. Drupal 8 bringt viele Neuerungen und Verbesserungen für Sie.

Five Steps to Get Ready for the Acquia Certified Developer Exam

“I want to get Acquia Certified. How do I prepare for the exam?” is a frequently asked question since the launch of the Acquia Certified Developer exam in March 2014.
Whether you are an expert Drupalist or a relatively new one, this guide will provide you with an insight into the nature of the exam, give you clear advice on how you can prepare, and provide some useful exam-taking tips.

Simple Tips to Improve Drupal Performance: No Coding Required

Drupal is an extremely flexible framework, with an abundance of configuration options. With any large framework, flexibility and performance must be balanced. With correct configuration, Drupal can be lightning fast.
In this eBook, we show you how to optimize performance of your Drupal site without any knowledge of coding, server configuration, or the command line. This eBook focuses on those issues commonly found in Drupal, and which can be easily configured by any Drupal site builder.

Acquia Content Hub Helps Financial Services Compete in a Content Driven World 

Content is the digital currency businesses use to engage with customers and prospects. But all too often, in complex organizations with many sites and channels, content gets locked away across legacy systems and different technologies. This leads to a lack of content governance, out-of-date content, and wasted resources.
Download the eBook to learn how Acquia Content Hub can empower your organization to share and discover content seamlessly across all of your departments, systems and technologies, so you can always deliver the most engaging, up-to-date content to your customers.

5 ‘Musts’ of the New Digital Experience Government

It’s no secret: government is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Various agencies have been “going digital” since the move to the web in the early ’90s, but to be a digital organization today means providing citizens, public servants, active duty military, and veterans an exceptionally easy and accessible front door to government services.

Wie Sie die passende CMS Plattform für Ihr Unternehmen wählen.

Die Auswahl des passenden Content Management Systems ist eine wichtige strategische Entscheidung. Ganz egal, ob Sie Ihr bestehendes CMS System erweitern oder ein Neues einführen möchten.