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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist



Quicken needed a new digital platform that could support the rising demand of online sales. Marketing teams need an online cart solution that offered more control and flexibility in addition to the ability to edit product offerings. Quicken required a digital platform that guaranteed site performance, supported traffic spikes, and could scale to accommodate future sales growth.


Quicken married Drupal as a CMS and decoupled Magento as an eCommerce solution to power their online cart. This integration allowed Quicken to leverage a best-of-breed digital experience platform with best-of-breed commerce platform. Acquia Cloud provided development teams with a platform that was reliable, operated at scale, and consumed a decoupled Magento instance.

Third and Grove, a partnering digital agency, worked closely with Quicken’s internal engineering team to build the entire enterprise eCommerce architecture.


Quicken’s open source solution enables team to release refinements to the cart experience faster than ever before. Quicken’s integration of Drupal and Magento, supported by Acquia Cloud, has allowed development teams to remedy hotfixes in record time. Addressing hotfixes on Quicken’s previous cart solution could take as long as two weeks -- with Drupal and Magento it takes 11 minutes. These improvements has increased cart conversion to grow Quicken’s bottom line. Finally, Quicken now has the opportunity to run AB tests on cart offerings, enabling team to collect actionable data on their customers.

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