Startseite / MillerCoors

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist



MillerCoors set out to create a new site experience that reflect MillerCoors brand of people who love making beer and celebrating a storied legacy of innovation. With each brand's unique needs and priorities, MillerCoors required a platform that can provide scalable and interchangeable site components.

They also needed a new approach to mobile that combines mobile technology with social media and real-time search to increase interactivity and enhance user experience. Keeping up with MillerCoors Digital Policy Guidelines also required a robust Approval Workflow.


Acquia and partner DigitasLBI leveraged the Acquia Platform to make MillerCoors’ digital vision become reality. Acquia Platform provided the Content Editors a flexible way to create custom page layouts needed to portray MillerCoors’ legacy of innovation, all while using robust content approval workflows that satisfy MillerCoors Digital Policy Guidelines.


  • 5 percent increase in visitor traffic via mobile devices (compared to pre/post time periods)
  • 25 percent increase in page views per visit (compared to pre/post time periods)
  • Reduced content load and publishing times drastically

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