Taxicab Confession – they did it with Drupal!

Today’s mobile devices have taken over as the most cost-effective and scalable way to replace legacy hardware solutions, as well as paper solutions, that were both clunky and expensive for users.  One taxicab company – Green Cab of Madison – has adopted Apple iPads as their vehicle meter and communication device in their Toyota Prius green cabs. Their iPads are outfitted with a mobile app built on Drupal that enables them to collect real-time vehicle location data, to alert drivers of new calls, and to complete credit card transactions.

Join Acquia and Promet Source for this one-hour webinar where Promet will share the story of how they built the iPad app for Green Cab Madison to help them take advantage of mobile technology and optimize their business.  Attendees will learn:

  • How Drupal was leveraged for rapid development of the base dispatch application
  • Why Drupal was the right choice for integrating with native and hybrid mobile apps
  • Where Drupal can be used for enterprise mobile application development