Cision Uses Social Media to Directly Connect Clients with Journalists, PR Pros [March 7, 2013]

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Cision is transforming their online community and breaking down their social boundaries by more directly and effectively connecting their clients with interested journalists and PR professionals. Join John Carione, Acquia’s Senior Director of Solutions, and Jay Krall, Cision’s Media Research Manager, to look at the steps Cision has taken to implement these changes.

We’ll look at how to find highly relevant content faster and how community managers can become more productive by automating content rules for spam and leveraging the community itself. As part of this demonstration, we'll highlight the new capabilities of Drupal Commons 3.0 that are designed specifically to implement this type of social media strategy.

In this webinar, you will:
• Hear how Cision transformed their online community by:
o Connecting 1000s of publishers and freelancers in their PR community
o Enabling community members to edit their own profile information
o Integrating with Cision internal data sources to pre-populate community data
• See new Drupal Commons 3.0 features in action