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Acquia Labs

Acquia Labs

The web is changing -- and it's not enough to simply keep up. Digital experiences are fast becoming part of entire digital ecosystems. Let Acquia Labs be your in-house research and development team, and think beyond the browser.

API-first Drupal: Innovating from Digital Experiences to Digital Ecosystems

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Next-Generation Digital Experiences

It used to be simple. A website could serve as a company's digital gateway to a global audience. Today, that picture is getting a lot more complicated. People are accessing information through new channels in unprecedented ways everyday. Drupal is uniquely positioned to deliver next-generation digital experiences that span far beyond the browser.

R&D-Minded Makers

Acquia Labs is a team of innovators that builds multi-channel experiences for some of the largest companies in the world. The team operates as an in-house R&D lab, partnering with companies to architect and implement novel digital experiences. Acquia Labs gives companies new ways to reach customers -- exploring areas like conversational computing, digital signage, and virtual and augmented reality.


Engineering the Future

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    Conversational Computing

    The Acquia Labs team has built Drupal integrations with technologies like Amazon Echo and can create custom builds for new platforms.

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    Contextual Experiences

    Acquia Labs will work alongside companies to build user experiences that feel relevant and smart, rather than invasive or obstructive.

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    Content Everywhere

    With Acquia Labs' experimental thinking, in the not-so-distant future, Drupal will superimpose content on other visual experiences and deliver it to unexpected places.

See Acquia Labs in action with this Conversational Computing demo on Amazon Echo.

Think Beyond the Browser with Acquia Labs