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Acquia Drupal

Acquia Drupal is a freely available packaged distribution of the open source Drupal social publishing system. A collection of essential software from the Drupal community, Acquia Drupal provides a quick on-ramp to begin building Drupal websites.

Acquia Drupal simplifies the development of social publishing applications - social business websites that feature a seamless blend content and community capabilities. Whether building a public facing website, a community portal or an intranet application, Acquia Drupal provides the powerful foundation to engage visitors and encourage participation. Acquia Drupal allows you to mix and match proven social publishing patterns to turn site visitors into active contributors.

One click stack installers for Win,
Mac and Linux

Installing Acquia Drupal has never been easier. Our Drupal stack installers include a complete LAMP stack configured for Drupal. Import any Drupal site onto the stack.

Free to download and use for any site

Acquia Drupal is GPL licensed - free to download and use. Acquia Drupal assembles together Drupal 7.x core with community contributed modules and Acquia modules to help you get started faster with Drupal.

Build social publishing
websites quickly

Acquia Drupal combines the best content publishing and community modules together to provide the basis for any social publishing site.

Simplify site update processes

Extend the footprint of your base site install to simplify and speed site updates for security releases and bug fixes.