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WoodWing Software

Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Vertical Markets: 
Architecture / Construction
Computer Hardware / Software / Services
Energy / Mining / Natural Resources

In today’s publishing industry, change is the only constant. Decades of experience and a clear vision have enabled WoodWing to quickly identify and tackle the challenges publishers face. Using standard and proven technologies, open source components, and an open architecture, WoodWing has addressed these challenges effectively, creating the industry’s most progressive solutions for the production of print and online publications.<!--break-->

The Enterprise content publishing platform forms the rock-solid foundation for all WoodWing’s solutions. It offers a complete workflow environment for online and print publications. Enterprise is completely integrated with wire, DAM, archive, Web CMS, mobile publishing and numerous other systems. It has been specially designed to easily integrate with any system.

Rapid growth worldwide and success across the full spectrum of small to giant publishers demonstrate that WoodWing makes the best tools for the best price.

WoodWing Software is located in Zaandam, The Netherlands, and has regional sales companies for Europe, the USA, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Customers are served through select partners.