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Case Study: Timex

Acquia Also Speeds Timex's International Growth

Timex has a style for everyone, but when it came to developing a new commerce platform, the famous watchmaker wanted a style of its own. To create a site that reflects its timeless brand and offers an intuitive navigation and engaging mix of product, social, and editorial content, Timex chose Acquia.

Creating a digital experience to drive true brand engagement was a priority for Timex. It wanted its website to reflect a shopper’s passion for having the perfect watch. The watchmaker also wanted to make it easier to discover how a Timex watch looks and functions and to offer shoppers all sorts of ways to explore, navigate, and search the Timex catalog. Timex also wanted capabilities to easily add new product content when needed.

What’s more, since Timex is in the process of expanding and launching new sites with region-specific content, the U.S.-based watchmaker needed to ensure a unified brand experience on all its sites while also delivering digital content relevant to local markets.

“We’re not just selling watches on Timex.com, but supporting the sale of any Timex watch anywhere online,” said Cal Crouch, head of digital marketing and ecommerce. “We want to be the place where people can get the best Timex research and online experience possible.”

The Solution

When its contract ended with a previous provider, Timex looked for a new, more flexible platform to better fit its business model. Putting together an all-star team for building its commerce site, Timex chose Drupal for its modular structure, Broome Crosby for site design, Melity for implementation, and Acquia for Acquia Cloud and Acquia Search.

A key driver was cost. A small group of digital pros manages Timex’s global brand. Acquia enabled the team to keep a large portion of site development in-house. This meant the team was able to make changes and updates on their own, saving cost and speeding time to market.

Best-in-class search is critical to commerce. Timex’s previous platform offered limited search and navigation features. With Acquia Search, a web-based service that integrates with Drupal, Timex quickly set up flexible search functions that allowed site visitors to search based on a range of product features, tags, and keywords.

With its previous platform, Timex had a difficult time duplicating content for use in regional websites. In contrast, Drupal templates allowed the Timex team to quickly define and streamline its workflow process. This enabled the team to deploy content across borders rapidly, an ability that is paramount in fueling the company’s international growth.

The Results

Thanks to Drupal’s modular platform, Timex was able to have a new commerce site in six months. The watchmaker now has a flexible commerce platform that offers a content management workflow that best aligns with delivering an engaging shopping experience, and is in line with Timex’s continued international expansion.

Because Timex is embarking on global expansion and entering new markets, a product launch was traditionally a huge challenge. Thanks to Acquia, Timex can now generate content in the U.S. and publish it to local markets. As a result, regional websites remain consistent and true to the brand.

“As we designed our new site, we aimed to make it as flexible as possible, so we could do most of the work ourselves, and we weren’t held hostage by an outside developer,” Crouch said.

Drupal also enables Timex to implement a unique finder tool supported by Acquia Search. Anyone visiting Timex.com will find it easy to sort through the entire catalog to find watches that meet their personal style and needs. What’s more, Timex added additional layers of security to its site by creating a custom Drupal module that detects and rejects suspicious transactions, dropping the amount of fraudulent transactions.

With its Drupal commerce site in place in the U.S., Timex is now embarking on delivering localized sites across the globe. With Acquia, Timex is able to present customers with a seamless, consistent, and engaging online experience around the world.

One of the things we desperately needed on a new site was flexibility and responsiveness. On our previous platform, we ended up having to stand in line for resources and pay through the nose for any kind of change.
Cal Crouch
Head of digital marketing and e-commerce at Timex

Company Information

Timex Group
Drupal user since 2012
Acquia client since 2012
  • More than 22 websites migrated to Drupal
  • ŽSite design and launch within 6 months
  • Serving 400,000+ searches per month on Acquia Cloud
  • Reduced fraudulent transactions 1,200 percent

Success Enabled With...

  • Drupal
  • ŽAcquia Search
  • Acquia Cloud
  • Drupal deployment by Melity
  • ŽWebsite design and layout by Broome Crosby

*please note timex.com (global site) is on Drupal but not all localized version of their website have been migrated to Drupal just yet.