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The State of COD

Many people have asked how COD, otherwise known as the Conference Organizing Distribution, is going. Currently its a community supported project, with lots of great new features going into the 7.x branch!

This weekend, Acquia was at Linuxfest Northwest (LFNW,, a regional conference of about 1500 open source enthusiasts, and COD was running behind the scenes to help make the fest run as smoothly as possible.

The current status of Alpha 2:
LFNW is running of the alpha2 version of COD 7, the most recent release right now. We've made considerable fixes to the distribution internally, including:

  • Multi-event session management
  • Scheduling
  • BoF ad-hoc scheduling
  • Grid based layout using 'Seven' theme for event signage (e-displays)
  • Registration checkin system
  • Sponsor management
  • Number calculations (attendee sign ups, t-shirt allocations etc) calculations on the events page

We've not been able to get these back into patches yet upstream, but as time allows, we hope to have them rolled in for an Alpha 3 release around the time for drupalcon. You can play with the current setup by going to the website.

If you're interested in speeding along the progress of COD on Drupal 7, please join us in #drupal-cod on, or come to our BoF, which should be sometime Tuesday May 21st of Drupalcon. We'll also be sprinting throughout the fest, including all day friday.


Posted on by Sean Larkin (nicht überprüft).

This is super exciting, Jakob! Huge shout out to you, Ezra, and the many dedicated contributors to this project. And a big thank you to Acquia for investing in this distribution!

Posted on by Ivan Boothe (nicht überprüft).

Great to see work progressing on this important distribution. I'd love to see this news posted publicly on the UseCOD site, the COD gdo page and the COD Twitter feed. I actually didn't know alpha2 had even been released until a month or so after because it hadn't been announced in any of those places. I tweeted at the COD Twitter account to encourage a public announcement of a2 but never got a response.

I'd love to get more involved but it seems like the updates on "the state of COD" are months and months in between, so it's hard to know what the status is at any given moment. Any chance we could get more frequent updates, even if it's just something like "here's what we really need to work on this month"? Many of the roadmap/sprint pages are really out of date and it's hard to know how to help with just a couple of hours per week. Maybe that kind of time isn't helpful, though -- but it would still be nice to have updates, at the very least when new versions are released. The alpha isn't mentioned anywhere on COD's own site.

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