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How Drupal and Acquia Contribute to Shared Services Initiatives

Innovating with Less

As they streamline their connections with the public using digital technologies, Federal agencies are increasing their investments in shared services. “To make the most use of our resources and ‘innovate with less,’ we need to share more effectively, both within the government and with the public,” OMB states in its roadmap Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People. “Ultimately, a shared platform approach to developing and delivering digital services and managing data not only helps accelerate the adoption of new technologies, but also lowers costs and reduces duplication.” As part of the roadmap, OMB has established a Digital Innovation Center and Advisory Group to facilitate shared services innovations across Federal agencies. OMB is focusing efforts on three high-value areas:
Identifying shared and open content management system (CMS) solutions

  • Helping agencies develop web APIs to unlock their own data and content
  • for use by third parties
  • Doing mobile right by launching a shared mobile application development
  • program in conjunction with the Federal CIO Council