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Florida Hospital

Digital engagment thrives with Drupal

Tasked with creating a cohesive web presence for 22 distinct hospital campuses through a single website, David Oakley, Director of Web Engagement & Development at Florida Hospital, needed a new approach. Oakley recalls, “Over the last year, Florida Hospital has begun implementing a plan to present all the Florida entities in the Adventist Health System as one brand and one market. Our previous site only served the eight locations in and around Orlando.

“My team is passionate about doing what’s best for the consumer, and the web is becoming more and more the center of patient interactions. We recognized the challenge of making site content relevant to all our visitors no matter where in the network they might be.”

“The Drupal framework is very flexible.”
– David Oakley, Director of Web Engagement & Development at Florida Hospital

The Solution

The Florida Hospital team had built sites in Drupal for years, so they knew they could build out the new functionality using that platform. The first priority was to address location. Oakley explains, “We know from experience that patients seek out nearby health care providers. We have implemented geo-location services on the site to direct visitors to the hospital locations and physicians closest to them. We’re also showing availability across all of our 22 hospitals for different services and treatments.”

Another priority of the redesign was increased emphasis on mobile users. Oakley says, “In the month leading up to the redesign, we saw that as many as 18% of our users were on mobile devices. Drupal has many available solutions for implementing responsive design, which serves the same content across devices, formatted for the appropriate screen size. We’ve been able to deliver the same site for both mobile and desktop, optimized differently, including videos and forms. As a result of doing things responsively, we’ve seen a major increase in the rates of people on mobile devices filling out forms.

“Drupal is a champ at integrating with other systems. We have integrated our Drupal webforms into our Oracle on-demand CRM. So far, we’re pushing from our site into the CRM, but we hope to make that work both ways in the future.

“Florida Hospital manages credentialing and other physician qualification data in a .NET application, and we created a custom middle-layer to provide this data as a service. Drupal takes in that data, wraps biographical information, images and videos around it, and displays it in the online Physician Directory. By pulling this data from our medical staff software, the online directory updates in near real time.”

Analytics are an important part of keeping the new site aligned with visitors. Oakley explains, “Along with Google Analytics, we’ve implemented Chartbeat for real time analytics, so we can see things like page load speed and number of concurrent users. Chartbeat also monitors people who are talking about our site in the social ecosphere, so we’re using it as a social monitoring tool, too. The site has only been live for about three months, and we’re already seeing some targets for improvement.”

The Results

The new corporate brand site, floridahospital.com, launched on April 1, 2012. It includes a striking red bar across the bottom of each page showing wait times for all the emergency rooms in the system. From the day after launch, verified stories have come in about people receiving care quicker after using that information. A blog, included as part of the redevelopment, has had strong success from an engagement perspective. Almost all metrics for the site have shown improvement.

The corporate site is only the beginning, with site sections for each campus on the way. Oakley says, “We’ve built one campus site for Florida Hospital Kissimmee. Florida Hospital Orlando, our biggest campus, will be next. Between now and early next year, we plan to bring all our other campuses online. Each campus has its own personality and special features. The trick is to create one site that leads users to the location they need but keeps them in the context of the organization.

“Personalization will continue to be a major focus for us. We’re already highlighting the locations where we treat certain conditions, and in the future, we’ll be able to tie in to practitioners that specialize in services for specific conditions. We also have plans for content recommendations based on data gathered online and offline, and plans for more visitor interaction with the site, such as the ability to save content. We recognize that our digital platform will be the primary way we engage our patients. Florida Hospital will continue using Drupal in pursuit of our core goal: to do everything we can to improve patient experience.”

Drupal’s structure allows us to do many things a lot quicker than we could with other systems.
David Oakley, Director of Web Engagement & Development
Florida Hospital

Company Information

Florida Hospital
Award-winning network of 22 hospitals
Health care not-for-profit
17,600 employees
Drupal user since 2007
Acquia client since 2008

10-weeks post-launch vs. 10-weeks pre-launch

  • Total Visitors: Up 25%
  • Total Conversions: Up 116%
  • Mobile Conversions: Up 274%