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Amy Qualls

Training & Documentation Coordinator
Acquia, Inc.

Amy likes to describe herself as having learned all of her knowledge about Drupal the hard way, through being the solo developer for a public library system. Her first experience with Drupal was as one of several software candidates being previewed as possibilities for managing her company's web presence, and ended five years later with a Drupal multi-site, many lessons learned, and a position on the client advisory team at Acquia.

She firmly believes in sharing both her failures and her successes with others, in the hopes of encouraging others to find their own success as well as avoiding repeating the perfectly good mistakes she's already made. As a result, she's moved from being a front-line staffer to training all of the new front-line staffers in Acquia's support team.

In her free time, she makes incredibly complicated quilts, many from mathematical tilings; tends to wander the world with her trusty Nikon; and is owned by two large, geriatric, grumpy tabbies.

Amy also finds it highly amusing to describe herself in the third person.