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Here are some of the past week's highlights from, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

Why I’m Betting Millions on American Manufacturing in the Middle of a “Catastrophe”

For the past few years, there has been plenty of talk about bringing manufacturing back to America, but the truth remains that there are relatively few companies that are doing it well. It seems we’re constantly faced with a false choice when buying American: pay premium prices for the ‘Made in U.S.A.’ label or settle for poor quality. My view is that companies that overlook the possibilities for bringing innovation to American manufacturing are missing the boat. If your challenge is to build a highly efficient supply chain capable of producing exceptional-quality products, look no further than your own backyard--or perhaps as far as a few states over.

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Digital Disruption Interview with Drop

If you attended TechCrunch’s Boston Pitch-Off last month, you know that the winners were Drop, a digital sticky note that connects people to each other by leaving a “Drop.” If you knew that your brother or best friend was going to be at a Red Sox game or a restaurant tomorrow night, you could leave them a message or “Drop” so when they reach that location, a push notification would arrive, letting the receiver know that you were thinking of them.

Because they won the event, they received a table in the Start Up Alley at TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York event next spring. We sat down and had the opportunity to interview co-founders Eric Noeth and Zach DeWitt as they talked exclusively with on their first place pitch-off victory, what changes they've made to Drop and their big plans for an app that will localize and personalize global interactions.

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Digital Currencies and Feathercoin

I had the chance to do a Google Hangout with Chris Perry who is part of the Feathercoin team, a form of cryptocurrency and open source software project. I asked Chris about Feathercoin, what it is and how it is different from the other types of digital currencies that are surfacing.

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Cloud Complexity Simplified

The Information Technology Services department at American Water is gradually shifting towards the cloud, away from a traditional "keep the lights on" mentality.

How will it get there?

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Hiking with Google Glass

The Google+ Explorer Community is full of inspiring use cases for Glass, but it seems that the hands free camera as a chronicler of life is number one. We Explorers take lots of pics. A seriously large amount of pics and quite a number of videos too. Not having to pull out one's phone or grab a camera is truly a freeing experience for those who love to capture the moments of our lives. - See more at:

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Interview with Sickweather CEO Graham Dodge

Have you ever felt sick and weren’t sure if it was a stomach virus or food poisoning from that fish taco you ate for dinner last night? Well, Sickweather, which scans social networks for indicators and patterns of illness in your location, hopes to be able to instantly answer that question for you. CEO and co-founder Graham Dodge came up with the idea alongside co-founders Michael Belt and James Sajor.

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Step Aside Coding, It's Time To Embrace The Assembled Web

As open source continues to empower brands to innovate and collaborate more effectively, platforms like Drupal are utilizing the assembled web to be next stage in the evolution of the web.

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A few other notable stories include: Apple mentions 'restaurant' in patent application, Munich Moves to Open Source and Yahoo Recruits at Google And Facebook Bus Stops.

Stay tuned for weekly wrap-ups, and be sure to subscribe to’s RSS feed for innovative examples of business change in the digital age.

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