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Questions from Drupal for Project Managers - Part 1

Today we held part 1 of our Drupal for Project Managers mini-course. Here are the questions Adam addressed in our interview today. If you missed the session you will be able to watch the recording (recording link coming soon!). Ask your questions below in the comments.

Don't forget to Sign up for June 5 - Part 2: Implementation. with Jakub Suchy.

Part 1 - Kickoff and Discovery - Interview with Adam Boysen

"Never mistake estimation for discovery" - Adam

  1. The role of the project manager
  2. What is involved in the kick off phase?
  3. What are some risks associated with the kick off?
  4. Are there obvious differences if the client or context is small or large?
  5. Example resources?
  6. Preparing for “change management”
  7. What is involved in the process of discovery?
  8. What is the difference with estimation v discovery?
  9. What are some of the other risks with discovery?
  10. How do you document assumptions?
  11. How do different project management methodologies work with Drupal?

Assignment this week

  • Look at your own project management process with a current client.
  • Did you hold a proper kick off, and did discover any hidden stakeholders on the project?
  • Do you have a clear plan for change management establish with your client?
  • How does your team document assumptions as estimations are built during discovery?

Key resources for Kick off and Discovery

Kick off agenda - prepared by Adam Boysen


Blog posts

Presentations and panel discussions


  • “Planning and Managing a Drupal Project” by Amye Scavarda. Chapter 10 of Definitive Guide to Drupal.
  • Planning and Managing Drupal Projects, By Dani Nordin.

Four week mini-course schedule

This course follows the life cycle of a Drupal project from start to finish and back again and is based on our full day Drupal for Project Manager’s course.

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