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5 Content Management Blogs You Should be Reading

1) Gadgetopia. This blog run by Deane Barker is one of my favorites. Deane often writes about the more complex and subtle topics surrounding content management, and he does it from the perspective of having implemented hundreds of sites over the years.

2) Digital Clarity Group. DCG is team of research-driven industry analysts who cover content management and digital transformation. I've known their founder Scott Liewehr for many years, and I consider him to be one of the true thought leaders in content management. Scott has the luxury of being able to speak with CMS customers, vendors, and implementors, which gives he & his team a unique perspective.

3) David Aponovich from Forrester Research. David is new to Forrester, but has a long track record in the industry, both on the CMS vendor and implementor side. He covers the intersection of content management and digital experience for Forrester. I'd like to see David blog more, but I always value learning from him.

4) Seth Gottlieb's Content Here. Seth is another long time CMS veteran who blogs frequently about the more technical issues surrounding content management. Seth was a big believer in open source content management way before it was cool.

5) CMS Myth. The CMS Myth is run by Jeff Cram & the team at iSITE Design. I've followed Jeff since my days at Interwoven, and I appreciate the pragmatic advice he offers to companies using and evaluating content management systems.


6) My bonus pick is the blog of Dries Buytaert. Dries is my new colleague at Acquia, and I'll admit that I was a little nervous meeting him for the first time in person. He's an A-list celebrity in the world of content management systems, and if you've seen a picture of him, you know he looks the part. Dries is a super-nice guy and is truly a visionary in the world of Drupal, open source, and cloud computing. I've followed Dries long before joining Acquia, and you should too.

So that's my top five top six list of CMS bloggers. Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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