Mother of All Demos II: Automating Website Changes with 'Pipelines'

Mother of All Demos II: Automating Website Changes with 'Pipelines'

One of the highlights of Acquia Engage is when Chief Product Officer Chris Stone and his team of engineers demo Acquia products and give attendees a preview of what is on the horizon. Dubbed “The Mother of All Demos,” this presentation showcases the best of Acquia’s products and offers insight into the future of the company, not just Acquia’s product offerings.

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Part of what makes Acquia product presentation so special every year are the live demos of what Acquia’s engineering team has been working on. At Acquia Engage 2016, one of these new tools -- nicknamed “Acquia Pipelines”-- was demoed by Chief Software Architect Barry Jaspan.

“Pipelines” is a tool for automating functions like building, testing and deploying your websites on Acquia Cloud. When you want to make a change to your website, like add a new feature or fix a bug, the process starts with a developer writing some code. When the code reaches a stable point, they commit that code to a code repository. Previously, when a developer committed the code to the code repository, either nothing would happen to it or it would be immediately deployed on Acquia Cloud. This meant that any process that you wanted to run on that code before it was deployed had to run manually by developers on their individual machines.

With a tool like “Pipelines,” you define a process that you represent in code that specifies what you are going to do to the code before it gets deployed. This includes things like transforming the code and validating it’s correct; making sure it’s the code you want before deploy it. “Pipelines” ensures that as your developers are working and writing new code, they are operating in the a consistent manner, using the same process to test and validate code so any errors that occur get notified back to the developer very quickly.

For more on “Pipelines” and to see it in action, watch Barry’s presentation and demo below:


Reena Leone

Former Senior Manager, Content Marketing Acquia

Reena Leone had nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience, working for both digital agencies and global brands.

A self-described “writer, podcaster, cosplayer, and nerd,” she said her favorite aspect of working at Acquia was her collaboration with colleagues.

“When we say ‘#ilovemyteam,’ it's not a joke. This is the kind of place where you can be you; individuality is encouraged,” Leone said.

Since she started at Acquia, Leone had the opportunity to forge her own career path, she said.

“This flexibility has made me more capable of handling any challenge thrown my way, and allowed me to grow my skills as a writer, editor, and manager.”