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Launch New Drupal Applications Today with Acquia Developer Studio

As digital experiences expand beyond the scope of web browsers and mobile applications, the list of technologies necessary to support project success also grows. Developers and architects have to learn new tools before they can begin building the next generation of Drupal applications, sometimes blocking progress and hampering timelines.

The Acquia Developer Studio (ADS) enables developers and site builders to launch applications with just a few keystrokes. By unifying the varied tools and frameworks in the Drupal DevOps Diaspora, the focus will remain on delivering fantastic digital experiences.

Today we are excited to announce the ADS Command-Line Interface (CLI) Public Beta Program. The ADS CLI is a self-contained cross-platform package for building and deploying Drupal applications, including subtle enforcement of Acquia's recommended Best Practices for success.

Join the ADS CLI Public Beta Program and deploy an application today!


David Platek

David Platek

Developer Advocate Acquia

As a Developer Advocate, David Platek leverages his Drupal expertise passion for enabling success to engage with the community and drive interest in Drupal and the Acquia suite of products.

David Platek has been working with Drupal for over a decade. As a consultant with Acquia he engages with customers across the higher education, government, and business sectors to provide individualized solutions and recommendations for all layers of organizations, including architecture planning, technical training, application audits, security and performance testing, system migrations, and platform development.

David joined Acquia in 2012 as a Senior Developer on a high-profile project for a large government customer in Washington DC. In 2014 he transitioned into the Technical Consultant role where he enjoyed the opportunity and privilege to work with dozens of customers facing a plentitude of challenges.