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Here are some of the past week's highlights from, Acquia's portal for examining the impact of digital disruption.

The Chief Digital Officer Landscape

While the CDO role is most prevalent in media and advertising, the sector where it is having the most gains is retail, with Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, etc. leading the way in carving out a role for a senior executive devoted to owning and innovating on the digital customer experience. Any digitally focused organization (one that relies on digital to deliver a customer experience, e.g. the press, Madison Avenue or an e-commerce enabled retailer) is likely to be the first place a CDO will pop up, albeit under a number of guises and titles.

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Beth Israel to use Google Glass throughout the ER

Dr. Steven Horng launched a Google Glass pilot program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center late last year because he thought the futuristic device could help save lives. One night in January proved that.

A patient with bleeding in the brain told Horng he was allergic to certain blood pressure drugs — which the doctor needed to slow the hemorrhage — but didn’t know which ones. Horng had little time to leaf through the man’s medical files or search for records on a computer, but with Google Glass, he didn’t have to. Instead he quickly called up the patient’s information on the device’s tiny screen and saved his life with the correct medication.

This week, Beth Israel Deaconess is expanding the use of Google Glass to its entire emergency department, and the hospital said it is the first in the United States to employ the device for everyday medical care. Now, whenever ER doctors begin their shifts, they will slip on pairs of the high-tech glasses as routinely as they put on scrubs.

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Locking Down the Cloud: Taking Advantage of Automation

Cloud automation offers a solution to many of these security problems because it gives IT managers the opportunity to use powerful configuration management tools like Puppet to control their systems and to ensure consistent security policies.

“This research shows that network security has become too complex to manually manage, especially with the introduction of new technologies such as cloud, virtualization and IPv6,” said Reuven Harrison, co-founder and CTO at Tufin, in a statement. “The key to meeting these challenges is automation and orchestration, which will increase IT agility while maintaining security and compliance across the network.”

Richard Sanchez, president of Miami-based cloud-computing company 0NL9, Inc., is a believer.

As far as security goes, Richard told me, “automation allows us to know a lot more a lot sooner.”

Recently 0NL9, Inc. has been using automation to enable clients to keep control of their documents.

“We use automation to track exactly what’s happening with a document: who’s sharing it, modifying it, deleting it,” he said. “Even a dedicated IT person couldn’t do that as well.”

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Smartwatch made by

On a TV chat show in the UK, musician unveiled the smartwatch that he created. But what makes his smartwatch different than others is that you don't actually need your phone to use it. He can make phone calls, listen to music and access all of his social media from his wrist.


" is no stranger to the tech world, having come up with his own line of camera-enhancing cases for the iPhone, and is “director of creative innovation” at Intel."

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