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Building Quality Digital Experiences Faster with Acquia Cloud CD

When it comes to building great digital customer experiences, creativity alone isn’t enough. There are many factors to consider -- open source software, the front-end user experience, security, personalization, scalability, and so on -- but at the heart of it all is the underlying code and environments. Quality code ensures greater stability and velocity so developer teams can speed delivery time and deploy new features faster.

It takes a lot of time and resources for developer teams to build and test high quality code for digital experiences. These teams can waste several days and even weeks creating and maintaining custom process integration code for build and test automation. This is especially true if teams are manually setting up and maintaining multiple environments. Manual processes can easily become error prone; codebases run the risk of being out of date or having versioning inconsistencies. Encountering either of these challenges can lead to several delays in integration or testing releases, stability issues, and more resource time spent on updating, debugging, and deploying simple fixes.

Development teams need automation and self-service environments that will allow them to build, test, and deliver complex, engaging and high-quality code faster without waiting for provisioning delays due to lack of cloud or team resources.

Introducing Acquia Cloud CD

Acquia Cloud CD, a continuous delivery service with automated building and testing pipelines and integrated self-service environments. Together, developers have a complete DevOps system for delivering environments, configurations and versions of code, and complete digital experience applications.

Acquia Cloud CD solves the common hurdles faced by developer teams by giving them a standard pipeline service to create continuous building and testing on Acquia Cloud. Development teams can rapidly build and test changes to their code with production-like environments that closely match their applications running in Acquia Cloud environments. With Acquia Cloud CD, DevOps teams have one platform for implementing continuous integration and delivery and a standard service for tool integration, governance automation, and process orchestration. Acquia Cloud CD also allows for self-service provisioning and deprovisioning of production-like environments to support development, testing, and deployment stages when needs come up; giving teams valuable time back so they can focus on delivering customer value.

Acquia Cloud CD is the fastest way for developers to deliver higher quality digital experience software, allowing our customers to easily:

  • Automate delivery of quality releases, resulting in higher client value
  • Rapidly build and test changes on environments that match Acquia Cloud production environments
  • Reduce risk of code inconsistencies, versioning inconsistencies and bugs via ready-to-use building and testing pipeline orchestration service and self-service environments
  • Work on multiple branches or projects in parallel without stepping on each other’s work
  • Build with speed/velocity while lowering risks in quality, stability and intellectual property
  • Automate development governance for code building, assembling, compilation and control
  • Enforce and follow best practices across all development and DevOps teams and resources, with easy access, and ability for release managers to control code access based on internal and external roles
  • Create self-service, production-like environments in minutes via Acquia Cloud UI, pipelines orchestration service, or CD environments API interface.

With Acquia Cloud CD, developers can now deliver new features more often, faster, and with quality code. There is no custom integration code or hosting providers between test, stage and production. Acquia Cloud CD provides the most efficient path for developers by giving them automated repeatable processes and an error-free way of building and delivering new capabilities into production.

If you’re already using Acquia Cloud, Acquia Cloud CD is already seamlessly integrated into the Acquia Cloud UI. For more information on using Acquia Cloud CD, watch the video below:

Powering developers and DevOps teams with the fastest way to deliver high-quality customer value.

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