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Acquia's Most Important 3 C's: Customers, Community, and Colleagues

Today marks my one year anniversary of joining Acquia. Has it really been 12 months? 2013 was certainly a huge year for me personally (having a baby!) and professionally, joining one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Some of my favorite moments of 2013 include:

As I look back at my first year at Acquia on a snowy New England Sunday, it struck me that there are three reasons Acquia is a different company, more so than any I've experienced in my career - Acquia's Customers, the Drupal Community, and my Colleagues. These are truly the 3 C's of Acquia's success.


Acquia held its 3rd annual customer holiday party in New York City last Wednesday, attended by close to 200 customers, prospects, and partners. It struck me that not only do we have an amazing roster of well-known companies and brands as customers, but Acquia customers are the happiest I've experienced in my years working in enterprise software. 

Every company wants its customers to be successful, but making that actually happen requires a level of commitment and hard work few companies are willing to make. Customer success is something we take very seriously, and we spend time each week as an executive team reviewing customer support issues to make sure we are driving toward resolution.

Certainly we aren't perfect, but I've never experienced a company that is so deeply committed to customer success, at all levels of the organization, as Acquia.  You can read more about some of our of customer successes through recent case studies we've published for companies like Boston Herald, Timex, State of Georgia, Saïd Business School, and many more.


After joining Acquia, I quickly learned that open source isn't cheaper software, it's better software. Unlike the proprietary enterprise software companies I had worked for, the Drupal community doesn't get distracted by the allure of solving niche problems just to differentiate against other vendors and drive software license revenue. Instead, the Drupal community builds solutions to real world problems, resulting in better products, better economics, and more freedom for the customers who deploy open source. 

There is still a great deal of misunderstanding about Drupal and open source in general in the market. Proprietary Drupal competitors are aggressively ratcheting up their anti-Drupal messaging in the form of lazy marketing like "open source doesn't scale!" and "Drupal is only good for small sites!" As Mahatma Gandhi said,

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 

Drupal *is* winning, and I experience its momentum every day when I learn of companies flocking to Drupal from legacy systems like Autonomy Interwoven, Oracle, Ektron, and Jive Software. With Drupal 8 on the horizon, this migration is only going to happen faster.


I'm privileged to work every day with the most brilliant, dedicated, and passionate minds in technology. I've learned more in 12 months at Acquia than at any other point in my career. Acquia's culture isn't defined by "startup commodities" like a beer keg or ping-pong table (though I do enjoy both!). Our culture is built around colleagues who are committed to awesome, who do the right thing, who jump in and own it, who want to give back more, and lastly, who inspire a little crazy.

Joining Acquia was the best decision I've made in my career, and I'm proud play a role in building one of Boston's anchor technology companies. If you are a superstar looking to make a difference, we're hiring in all departments.

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