At Acquia, Evolution Means Commitment, Innovation and Service

At Acquia, Evolution Means Commitment, Innovation and Service

Evolution happens slowly, at least relatively speaking. For humans, it happens over millennia; luckily, cloud evolution is a little faster. It happens so fast that in a lot of cases, if you lose touch of what is going on with a particular company or technology, you may have missed out on a lot.

Whether you’re looking into Acquia for the first time, a prospect doing your due diligence or a valued partner, or longtime customer, it’s time we caught up.

On May 9, 2017, we announced that Acquia was honored by the American Business Awards. Acquia global support earned a gold Stevie Award in the 15th annual competition. Acquia also received a bronze Company of the Year Stevie Award in the American Business Awards’ computer software-large company category. We were thrilled with the recognition of our amazing team, but also for the platform that allows them to meet customer expectations every day.

We earned this recognition even as Acquia has continued to grow. We’re not the same company we were in 2014. That’s why Gartner and Forrester named us a market leader for web content management and digital experience platforms. Feedback from both our customers and our competitors helps validate that we are right where we need to be as a technology provider. We're not a small fish anymore and that's OK. That's part of the reason why our customers trust us. When we do our own due diligence on a vendor, we look for someone who has been in the game long enough to know what’s what but not so long that they are set in their ways or their technology is becoming obsolete. On the other hand, we don’t want some so new, that we’re not sure of their future as a company. We need to live up to our own standards. Acquia’s steady growth has allowed us to become well-established in our industry but continue to innovate. It has made us a valuable asset to our customers and a worthy adversary to our competitors.

Continued Commitment to Drupal

Regardless of how far we come as company, Acquia remains true to its roots. Drupal 8 celebrated its first birthday in November and we are proud of our contributions to Core. Acquia is the leading contributing organization to the Drupal project and put in 1,500+ points last year. We remain fully committed to Drupal’s development, not just our own growth as a company.

We’ve also focused on building and improving Drupal distributions. Our own distribution, Lightning, is a Drupal 8 starter kit and framework helps developers tap into key functionality and build sites and experiences faster.

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Acquia also supports the Drupal community's efforts to ensure that Drupal is API-first, not API-only. This fall, Acquia Labs was launched to help develop new user experiences that move beyond the page. This includes supporting decoupled architectures, and emerging distribution platforms, such as chat bots and conversational interfaces.

Innovate, Iterate, Repeat

On the product side, Acquia continues to provide customers with a true Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering; not just hosting. While we have well-built, fully integrated tools like Acquia Lift to provide you with a one-stop-shop, we’re also believers in flexibility. Open APIs and SDKs allow you to connect your choice of best-of-breed software, whether it’s SSL certification, commerce, personalization, analytics etc. We give you options rather than force you to pay for features you don’t need. If you choose to do business with us, we do everything we can to make sure we maximize our value, not just at launch, but continuously over the course of the engagement.

Let’s start with our cloud. While the Acquia Cloud remains specifically tuned for Drupal, our open source LAMP server stack combines the Linux (Ubuntu) operating system and PHP programming language with Drupal. And after a detailed analysis of stack performance characteristics, configurations have been identified at every layer to deliver Drupal sites faster and with improved reliability.

Security and compliance has continued to remain a top priority. Every customer, regardless of “deal size” receives continuous monitoring and DDOS response out-of-the-box with DDOS mitigation available as an add on.

At a platform level, we meet an “alphabet soup” of compliance standards, including:

  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • EU Data Protection
  • ISO 27001
  • FedRAMP

Speaking of FedRAMP, in March, Acquia received its third FedRAMP ATO from U.S. DOT.

On top of Acquia Cloud, Acquia provides customers with several options to manage multiple sites. First, we support Drupal multisite in our cloud offerings. For managing sites at scale that require consistency, governance, and speed-of-delivery, we offer Acquia Cloud Site Factory. Last fall, we made improvements to Acquia Cloud Site Factory with the addition of stacks, essentially allowing our customer to run multiple site factories and even other Acquia Cloud sites all managed from a single console. In either case, our cloud has been put to the test by customers that run thousands of sites across both our enterprise and Site Factory offerings.

But that’s status quo. What’s new with Acquia Cloud? A few months ago, Acquia launched a new UI for Acquia Cloud; one that is much more modern, faster, and responsive. The new UI simplifies interaction for developers and administrators and delivers an architecture for future enhancements of the platform, following an API-first development approach.

Most recently, we’ve shifted focus to provide a better experience for developers on Acquia Cloud. After all, they are the ones often behind-the-scenes, building these state-of-the-art Drupal experiences for our customers. We’ve launched Acquia Cloud CD, a complete continuous delivery/DevOps service to manage production-like environments across many different applications.

Customer Success and Award-Winning Support

Regardless of industry, customer service can make or break a company. Acquia boasts award-winning support that offers true follow-the-sun coverage. Every Acquia subscription comes with entitlements to our global support team of more than 70 professionals, plus access to a family of professional services tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs. Every customer receives formal onboarding, has a support escalation process, and has access to self-service training courses, certification programs, and an online knowledge base. With support online and over the phone for all of your needs - even troubleshooting your Drupal code.

By the numbers:

  • Ž24x7 emergency support
  • 4 continents Ž
  • 70+ professionals Ž
  • 250+ years of combined Drupal experience Ž
  • 50,000+ customer requests completed each year Ž
  • 3,000+ advisory support hours completed each year Ž
  • 94+% customer satisfaction rating

But we’re not just there for you when things go wrong. Customer success continues to drive and inspire us. If customer success not the center of your business, you won’t be in business long. Leading the charge is our Professional Services team, which is there to help you push the envelope and give you the tools and training to do so. This includes things like migration.

When it comes to migration, every project is a little different. Acquia delivers successful migrations based on the customer’s scope. There is probably a reason you are looking to change your digital experience platform; and not all of the aspects of your digital experience will need to migrate. Wouldn’t you rather scope a custom project than risk a substandard migration? A one-size-fits-all migration just ends up moving boxes from attic-to-attic. Our position is based on the successful completion of customer migrations over the past 10 years.

But what good is a one-way conversation? Now that you know what we’ve been up to, tell us what you have been working on. What is important to you / your customers? What else do you want to know about Acquia in relation to your business? Let’s not go this long without speaking again.

As Yoda once said “Difficult to see. Always in motion, is the future.” At Acquia, we’re not afraid; we are ready to take on any technology challenge (or challenger) the future might hold.

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Peter Brown

Former Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Computing Acquia