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Maria McDowell

Remote Administration Team Lead
Acquia, Inc.

Maria built her second website ever in drupal 4.6, and has been upgrading every since. She has developed drupal sites for small non-profits and academic organizations, and is appreciated by her developer friends for an unsurpassed skill breaking otherwise workable systems.

Maria is a Client advisor and works out of the Portland office. Her focus is on streamlining and developing Acquia's Remote Administration services, and she spends much of her time applying security updates to customer sites.

Outside of Drupal, Maria is an avid reader, a some-time kayaker, and loves a good nap. She writes in the area of theology and ethics, bikes to work (sometimes) and loves living in brewvana.

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Posted on Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015, 11:05 Uhr EST
Acquia has started rolling out automated security updates for Remote Administration (RA) subscription accounts, filling a critical lag that automation previously has not been able to solve. We’re excited, because our RA customers can count on Acquia Mehr...