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Acquia Certification exams are administered at Kryterion Testing Centers in over 750 locations across the globe. Exams are also available as on-line proctored tests. Register on-line for your exam appointment.

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Watch Richard Jones, CTO of i-Kos talk about the Acquia Certification Program:

Ramy Nassar from Acquia Partner, Myplanet, discusses the importance of Acquia Certification for its developers. Watch now.

Acquia Partner gets entire developer team Acquia Certified!

- Chris Smith, OPIN, Read the post

Acquia Certification Program...what to expect and prepare for!

- Fran Gil, Read the post

Cracking the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder exam.

- Tanay Sai, Read the post

A Study Group for the Acquia Certified Developer Front End Specialist Exam...

- Gregg Marshall - Acquia Certified Grand Master, Read the blog

The added benefit of course is that having this certificate will no doubt help with your career progression, especially given the requirements set by the Australian Government to be Acquia Certified to work on GovCMS projects. So what are you waiting for!?

- Marc Groth - Australia / Freelance Senior Drupal Developer (Acquia Certified)

Your Newest Acquia Certified Drupal Developer Is...

- Chris Greatens, Read the blog

Second Drupal core committer passes the Acquia Certified Developer exam

- Gábor Hojtsy, Read the blog

A Partner's Perspective on Certification: Part 3

- Yashar Rassoulli, Read the blog

A Partner’s Perspective on Certification: Part 2

- Erin Marchak, Read the blog

Over the past 12 months, Myplanet has come to put more developers through the Acquia Developer Certification Program than any other company in Canada.

- Ramy Nassar, Read the blog

Guide to Acquia Front end Specialist Certification

- Gobinath Mallaiyan, Read the blog

Taking the Acquia Certified Developer - Front end Specialist certification exam - get advice on what it takes to be ready!

- Read the blog

Cracking Acquia Certified Developer - Front end Specialist Certification

- Tanay Sai, Read the blog

Become Acquia Back end Specialist Certified!

Learn what went into creating the new Back-end Specialist exam and get some tips - read the blog

As a company that has been delivering Drupal-based solutions for the past 5 years, we were thrilled with the introduction of the Acquia Certification Program as a way to distinguish our technical team.
In an increasingly competitive environment, having our developers certified by Acquia ensures our customers can expect a level of quality that is differentiated from other design and technology companies. The Acquia Certified Developer program, as well as the front and back-end specializations will be a critical element of our talent acquisition & retention strategy.”

- Yashar Rassoulli, Director of Technology, Myplanet

Taking the New Acquia Certified Developer - Back end Specialist exam!


Drupal Certification is here!


Our Drupal Developers Take the Acquia Certification Tests

- - Ron Huber

Get Legit: Acquia Developer Certification Program


Imagine being in a story meeting, and having 60 user stories thrown at you...

- - Jeff Geerling

I just took -- and passed -- the Acquia Certification Exam

- - Darryl Richman

Drupal core committer takes Acquia Certification exam. You won't believe what happens next!

- -- includes study guide

Cracking Acquia Drupal Certification

- -- incldues study guide

Good if you have experience building, maintaining, and fixing Drupal sites using best practices, it will serve you well.

- - The Acquia Certification Developer Exam

Acquia Certification Give You Personal ROI


Well done to Acquia for creating a multiple choice test that didn't just depend on regurgitating facts, some of them really did make me scratch my head.

- - Drupal Certification And Me

This will help recognize specialists on the team, and help individuals round out their skills.

- - Ready for certification

Yeay! I'm now officially an @Acquia Certified Developer!

- - First in Jordan

Amplexor now has an Acquia Certified Developer