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Prepare for the future of digital experience.

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Drupal 8 is here.

The digital experience solution for the post-browser era has arrived.

Easier and more intuitive, with more than 200 additional features and an improved developer experience, Drupal 8 is ready to deliver the best possible digital experience to your stakeholders. Now, are you ready for Drupal 8? Our Drupal 8 Readiness Workshop assesses where you are and how you can get prepared. Your team will collaborate with an experienced Drupal consultant to understand what is new in Drupal 8, and what that means for your products and your team.

Who is the Drupal 8 Readiness Workshop for?


New or experienced Drupal teams looking to start a Drupal project prior to or soon after Drupal 8 is released


Development teams unsure of where to start learning Drupal 8


Organizations wanted upgrade and migration plans for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites

Why do I need a Drupal 8 Readiness Workshop?

Drupal 8 is new and different. With an Acquia Drupal consultant as your guide, you can take advantage of all that Drupal 8 offers.


Chart an upgrade path from Drupal 6

Drupal 6 core and modules will transition to unsupported status three months after Drupal 8 is released. Prepare your Drupal 6 site and team for this event.


Plan a move from Drupal 7

Drupal 7 will continue to be supported after Drupal 8 is released. Determine how you'll decide when and if to upgrade.


Learn from experience

We'll discuss how the new structure of Drupal 8 can power better digital experiences.


Budget your investment

Understand where development efforts are best spent prior to the release of Drupal 8

What is included?

Acquia executes the Drupal 8 Readiness Workshop in partnership with your product owners and development team. Acquia works with your team to engage in specific activities, including:


Requirements Review

Review the high-level requirements for the system including capabilities and external integrations.


Introduction to Drupal 8

Understand how Drupal 8 is structured differently than previous versions, which modules come with Drupal 8 core, and how other open source projects are included in Drupal 8.


Drupal 8 Roadmap

Identify the major components of the system and how they translate to Drupal 8. Outline migration path for current functionality. Recommend modules based on their Drupal 8 status. Understand how to engage with the Drupal community around Drupal 8 contributions.


Drupal 8 Deployment

Acquia works with your team to define how the changes in configuration management in Drupal 8 will alter your deployment strategy.

How long will it take?

Acquia Drupal 8 Readiness workshops are typically conducted over 1-2 weeks, depending on customer needs and business requirements.