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Acquia Continuous Delivery Service

Remove the burden and focus on what matters––innovation


Agile methodology and business prioritization ensures velocity



We guarantee quality deliverables with inherent quality measures.



We execute on your backlog so that your team can focus on what really matters––innovation that drives your business.

Why you need Acquia

Maintenance of your digital properties can accumulate over time, reducing productivity and increasing backlog. It can become burdensome on your development team as it consumes much of their time and leaves less for innovation. Let Acquia manage it for you.


Features that eliminate complexity

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Highly-skilled Drupal experts

From requirements to release, you get the best and brightest talent working for you to actively manage the digital lifecycle of your most important websites. Our team will understand your business objectives and know your code.

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Guaranteed efficiency

Our integrated global 24x7 model is matched by no other provider, and our committed velocity guarantees delivery.

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Guaranteed quality

Built-in quality measures such as architectural overviews and testing guarantee quality deliverables.

What we offer

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Objective-Focused Measurements

We measure success in the speed, efficiency, and accuracy our team can work through your backlog. Success is based on delivering more value within the same budget and at higher quality.

Phased Approach

Get complete and continuous delivery from requirements to release with our three-phased approach, which includes planning, establishing velocity, and service delivery.

Agile Delivery Process

Acquia leverages the agile method of software development with 2–3 week sprints, weekly story grooming, and sprint-end retrospectives—ensuring prioritization and transparency. Testing is done in each sprint and feature/fix delivery is timeboxed to fit within sprints.

Team Management

From our highly trained technical leadership to the generalists who configure your modules, we are a collective of highly skilled Drupal experts. Your team includes a Program Manager, a Technical Architect, Drupal and Front-End Developers, and Quality Assurance Personnel.