Final Card Details For Sunday's ROH "Best in the World" iPPV [June 18, 2012]

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Monday, June 18, 2012
Wrestle Zone

This Sunday June 24th, Ring of Honor Wrestling presents “Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis” live on iPPV!! Featuring the rematch between “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen & Davey Richards for the ROH World Title, the iPPV broadcast will be made available for purchase later this week!

In order to provide our fans with the best iPPV experience possible, we have entered into a contract with Acquia, one of the most reputable Drupal Hosting and Performance companies, to resolve web performance issues and to migrate to their scalable hosting solution. A great deal of our resources are being employed to make sure this migration goes smoothly during the week and that all issues are resolved prior to Sunday afternoon’s iPPV broadcast. To help with any issues that may occur during the course of the event, we will also have an engineer on-hand to scale hardware resources or resolve any bottlenecks on the fly. Please bear with us this week, as we may need to take down for as 12-36 hours around Wednesday/Thursday to complete the migration successfully.

Acquia Goes Big in Boston [June 13, 2012]

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
De Tijd

Acquia Goes Big in Boston

With the backing he received from American venture capital investors in 2007, Antwerp resident Dries Buytaert (33) established in Boston Acquia, a company that offers Drupal content management services, software developed by Buytaert himself and used by webmasters to build and manage their websites. The software is free and hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe are constantly working on improving the programme. Acquia does not build websites, but assists businesses with the maintenance, monitoring and safeguarding of their websites.

Why I had it all wrong about Boston's high-tech scene [June 15, 2012]

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Friday, June 15, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- I'm at a crowded tech schmoozefest, and Tim Rowe, the pied piper of local startups, is giving me a serious talking-to about my blase attitude toward the local tech industry.

"I'd like you to think about what you're saying and look at the facts," Rowe says with growing intensity. "I think you're going to see your perception and the facts don't add up."

No startup culture? Look around here in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square, ground zero for New England startups, Rowe says. There are about seven floors filled with nearly 450 startups and offices for two major venture capital firms, Charles River Ventures and Highland Partners. And there's more academic research and development spending in Cambridge than any other part of the country, including the San Francisco Bay Area.
It's true. About $4 billion annually just in Cambridge versus $1.3 billion in the Bay Area, according to the National Science Foundation. And that stuff in the college labs, we all know, often leads to game-changing companies like Google.

Maxim, Drupal, And The Hometown Hotties [June 11, 2012]

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Monday, June 11, 2012
Information Week

Moving the men's magazine website to Drupal has given Maxim's Web developers more flexibility, including the ability to add social features to online events such as voting for "hot hometown girls."

This year's Maxim Hometown Hotties get to strike a pose on thanks to Drupal, which replaced the site's previous Java-powered content management system (CMS) in January.

Maxim's current Hometown Hotties competition, in which women from across the country submitted pictures and profiles, is one example of the most dynamic content now featured on the site, according to Michael Le Du, CTO of Alpha Media Group, the publisher of Maxim. Maxim is a leader in the new generation of men's magazines that favor lingerie over nudity, combined with content catering to other young men's interests, such as sports, gaming, gadgets, and, of course, sex advice. Maxim's most famous reader-awarded contest, the Hot 100, just released its list of the most beautiful women (oddly, including Stephen Colbert at #69), but Le Du said Hometown Hotties is a better example of a something new Maxim was able to implement more easily thanks to Drupal. The contest is not new, but this is the first time it's been hosted on

Acquia Video: Maxim Magazine

Insurance Technology - MetLife Brazil Picks Ci&T Application Management Services [June 7, 2012]

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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Insurance Technology

Ci&T has provided application management services to MetLife Brazil, a life insurance company, to guarantee constant availability of mission-critical applications and allow the IT team to focus directly on business-exclusive activities.

Breno Gomes, chief technology officer at MetLife Brazil, noted that application support is a big issue for many companies, and that the greatest benefit is that Ci&T offers metrics and reports with deep analysis allowing the company to identify the source of problems and resolve them quickly.

Ci&T’s expertise in application development makes it the perfect partner to not only build applications, but to manage them as well. The company’s teams employ agile methodologies and Lean principles to deliver value-generating projects for companies of all sizes, by leveraging the latest mobile, cloud and Web technologies.

To MetLife Brazil, the company’s teams deliver application management services. They also provide ongoing support for many applications within the organization, according to company officials.

Margaritas and Tacos Beneath the Bridge [May 25, 2012]

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Margaritas and Tacos Beneath the Bridge


In the slightly damp backyard — the river birch trees were shedding — three Brooklyn co-workers from Acquia, a software firm based in Boston with a Dumbo outpost, camped out at a silver table lighted by a hurricane candle and passing patches of blue sky on a rainless Wednesday evening: Lisa Rex, 38, a software designer from Cobble Hill; Ezra Gildesgame, 25, a software engineer and product manager from South Park Slope; and Ben Jeavons, 28, a senior software engineer from Park Slope. They were in the mood to dine Mexican and alfresco. “We needed some fresh air and some fresh food,” Mr. Jeavons said.

How Elastic Load Balancing works in Amazon Web Services [May 31, 2012]

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Thursday, May 31, 2012
ZD Net

Network pain affects every IT manager.

  • Network hardware like load balancers are expensive.
  • Network design is complex, especially sprawling enterprise networks and multi-tenant ISP networks.
  • Expertise is required to keep them running.

Any company that can ease this pain is onto a good thing. Virtualizing network technology is a hot cloud topic that companies like Embrane, Nicira and Big Switch Networks are in the middle of. The next piece of virtual networking technology for me to deal with is a load balancer. Here, I talk about load balancing in general, and later I will use the AWS console to add a virtual load balancer to my new pair of Drupal instances.

Drupal 8 : les nouveautés techniques commentées par Dries Buytaert [29 mai 2012]

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Tuesday, le 29 May 2012h

Lors de l'entretien qu'il nous a accordé jeudi 24 mai à l'occasion de sa venue en France, Dries Buytaert a détaillé les évolutions techniques du futur Drupal 8. Aux côté de l'intégration de HTML5 en natif, "l'évolution principale de cette nouvelle version portera sur la mobilité", a-t-il insisté.

"Drupal 8 permettra d'une part de prendre en charge des applications natives pour les mobiles, avec une intégration par le biais de Web Services RESTfull, d'autre part de bénéficier d'une expérience avancée en termes de navigateurs Web mobiles via des implémentations de HTML5 adaptées à ce type d'écran." (lire l'interview de Dries Buytaert sur la politique produits d'Acquia publiée sur JDN Solutions, dans laquelle il aborde les évolutions fonctionnelles de Drupal 8).

Sous le capot, la principale évolution de Drupal 8 concerne son rapprochement avec le framework PHP français Symfony. "Nous avons beaucoup travaillé sur le sujet avec Sensio Labs, et les équipes de Fabien Potencier", explique Dries Buytaert. "Symfony a été choisi car il s'agit d'une infrastructure PHP robuste, sans doute l'une des plus robustes dans le monde."

NYSE Relies on Open Source for Growth [May 28, 2012]

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Monday, May 28, 2012
CIO Journal

The announcement by NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext, that it is expanding the terms of its partnership with the Warsaw Stock Exchange, illustrates how the exchange company expects to significantly increase revenue by commercializing its own technology.

NYXT, as the unit is known internally, generated $490 million in revenue in 2011, up from $444 million in 2010 and $363 million in 2009. Management says the company is on track to hit $1 billion in revenues by 2015. NYSE also sees commercialization of its technology as a wedge allowing it to develop relationships with blue chip customers for its financial exchange businesses.

Bob Kerner, chief digital officer for NYSE, says the technology organization has been able to ramp up to support this aggressive growth strategy by using Drupal, an open source application used to build web sites and tools for collaboration and knowledge management. Drupal was first released in 2001, but has gained in popularity since 2007. Kerner’s team also uses a software development methodology called Agile, which is characterized by rapid, iterative development cycles and close collaboration between developers and their internal customers.

Le fondateur de Drupal à Radio France [27 mai 2012]

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Sunday, le 27 May 2012h
France Inter

L'histoire de Drupal est une belle histoire. C'est l'histoire d'une idée née il y a 12 ans dans la tête d'un étudiant belge, une idée devenue aujourd'hui un outil de référence pour les créateurs de sites Internet. Drupal, c'est quoi ? réponse : un CMS. Mais encore... Selon la définition de la communauté française Drupal, composée de "Drupalists", Drupal est "un logiciel qui permet aux individus comme aux communautés d'utilisateurs de publier facilement, de gérer et d'organiser un vaste éventail de contenus sur un site web". Pour simplifier : Drupal est un outil opensource, c'est à dire gratuit qui est pris en main et amélioré par des miliers de développeurs dans le but de permettre de mettre sur pied des sites Internet de tous types (e-commerce, médias...) : La Maison blanche, voyages-sncf, The Economist, Le Figaro, Slate et Radio France ont par exemple choisi Drupal. L'histoire de Drupal, c'est donc l'histoire de l'idée d'un créateur devenue un outil mondial. Ce créateur a aujourd'hui 33 ans. Il s'appelle Dries Buytaert. D'origine belge, il vit désormais à Boston où il gère Acquia, une entreprise de support dédiée aux utilisateurs de Drupal, un buisness donc, créé à partir d'une idée gratuite. A l'initiative de la Direction des Nouveaux médias de Radio France, Dries Buytaert était de passage à la Maison ronde la semaine dernière. Rencontre avec un geek devenu entrepreneur.