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Search API Drupal 8 Sprint June 2014

During 13th of June until the 15th of June we had a very successful Search API D8 sprint as announced at and at Intracto's site. The sprint was organized with the money but even more valuable than money is time. And people were very generous in donating their time to come over to Olen, Belgium to spend time on the Drupal 8 Port of Search API.

Programming Search API

We had 9 people onsite and 3 people worked remotely on issues. The main focus was to unblock the project so it could move back where it belongs which is in the Search API Project Page. Blockers were mainly the processors that Search API has by default. They take care of massaging the data at any point in the process. This could mean any of the following:

  • Altering the data before sending it over. Example: Removing stopwords or filtering out HTML
  • Adding new fields to the data that is being sent over to the backend. Example: adding an url field or adding a completely rendered view of the entity
  • Altering the search results Example: Highlighting the search words in the excerpt/search snippet.
  • Etc.

At the beginning of the sprint only a couple processors were working but they were not vetted by the process yet. By the end of the weekend 11 of the 14 processors had been given the green light that the tests were sufficient and that they were stable enough to not block the project anymore.

Search API Sprint

Some Statistics

  • 12 Committers (drunken monkey, borisson_, ekes, pfrenssen, Frederico, berdir, mollux, LukyLuky_ch, LammensJ, aspilicious, Amateescu, Nick_vh)
  • 13254 lines of code added, 6757 lines of code removed for Search API D8 Sandbox branch
  • 420 lines of code added, 193 removed for Search API Solr and working tests for Search API Solr!
  • 120 commits and an equal amount of test runs
  • 98 new tests, 854 in total. (, includes DrupalWebTests)
  • 710 new PHPUnit assertions, 802 in total. (PHPUnit only)
  • 85% of the Processors Search API code is Unit tested with PHPUnit according to the phpunit code coverage report.
  • Total test code coverage for the current Search API project is 47.79%. Which is a very good number at this stage of the project.
  • 40 Breakfast Pastries, 6 big pizzas and a massive amount of Belgian Fries were eaten. A world cup match (Holland-Spain) and an awesome Tesla car were seen and a couple of special beers in Antwerp were consumed.

We had a couple of folks in the sprint such as Joris Vercammen (borisson_) and Jasper Lammens (LammensJ) that were new to Drupal 8. I saw them sweat and crunch their brain on some of Drupal 8's concepts and on PHPUnit but they managed to make processors come to life and test them like crazy using the full PHPUnit suite such as mock objects and whatnot. I am very proud and happy for them. A sprint like this gives people the opportunity to learn by doing. It’s a great time to get involved in Drupal 8 and if you are scared of Drupal core, which you shouldn't be, you are very welcome to help us with the Search API D8 initiative. We're on IRC every day at #drupal-search-api and every Tuesday we organize a Google Hangout moment at 8PM GMT+2 (Brussels/europe) to give some space for questions and provide updates on what we've done the last week. Certainly take a look at if you want to read more.

Raising money for such a project is crucial and as in this case, can be very very beneficial. I'd encourage you to do the same, either by organizing a sprint or by contributing to one or if you are a company - help the existing module maintainers upgrade their module to Drupal 8 now. I’m super happy that Intracto ( sponsored a big part of the initiative and that Acquia gave me time to organize and attend this Search API Sprint. I also thank all the people who contributed to the intiative because this wasn’t possible without you.

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